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Taking a Look at Trends in Coffee

As Manager of Product Innovation, one of my key responsibilities is to scan the horizon for the next best thing. As a result I am always on the search for new trends — trying to understand where we are in the “wave.” I gather a lot of information from the environment around me, but also […]

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September 25, 2015 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market The “C” market finished the week strong climbing 440 points today on the back of the Brazilian real which saw its largest one day gain in nearly 7 years. The real rebounded after Brazil’s central bank came to the rescue, vowing to “use all available instruments” to slow down a currency in free […]

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September 18, 2015 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Brazil, once South America’s strongest economy, continues to struggle amidst political and economic turmoil. The situation is reflected by the Brazilian real which was down 2.4 % today and is approaching all-time lows. On the macro side, all the three major stock indices were down more than 1% today, a result of the […]

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Global Tea Consumption

Ever heard the expression “for all the tea in China”? Well…there is a lot! In fact, China produces about 40% of the world’s tea. China and India are the world’s largest consumers of tea, and these countries’ consumption is on the rise. This increase results in less and less tea being available for export to […]

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September 11, 2015 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Diving to its lowest level since 2002, the Brazilian real took a major hit after ratings agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded the country’s credit rating to junk status, but two other major ratings agencies —Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service — seem to be in no rush give the country a junk rating. […]

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With Coffee Cups, Live Large

Size really matters in coffee cup sales. Consider this. In America, roughly half of restaurant orders for coffee (regular and specialty) are placed during the breakfast/a.m. snack mealtime, and a majority of breakfast day-part sales are either takeout or drive-thru. Now, the most common three coffee cup sizes by volume are 12 ounces (small), 16 […]

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