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January 22, 2016 Coffee Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market At the end of Wednesday’s session very few would have guessed Arabica market would have ended the week basically unchanged. The mid-week session saw coffee down 3% while oil blasted through the $30 mark to close at $27.77, the lowest point since 2003 with the Dow closed down 249 points after a 565-point […]

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Custom Fitting the Right Espresso Solution

As espresso beverages have become ubiquitous across the U.S., the number of brewing options and manufacturers in this space has multiplied. While those talented and creative baristas remain a fixture in independent, Third Wave coffee shops, many purveyors have turned away from traditional beverage preparation methods, instead opting for super automatics. These machines allow non-skilled […]

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January 15, 2016 Coffee Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market The New York coffee market was unable to avoid 100-car pile-up in the commodities and global equities markets this week, losing 3.5% and making, again, new contract lows. Thursday saw a small short covering rally that regained half a cent but the negative sentiment returned today ahead of the long weekend with the […]

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Do coffee drinkers care about sustainability?

This is naturally an important question, because as businesses and brands our reason for being is creating value for our customers. When it comes to sustainability, the research has been somewhat inconclusive. Consumers will state they value sustainability, particularly younger consumers, but that doesn’t always translate to their purchase behavior. And so the question persists…do […]

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January 8, 2016 Coffee Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market The first week of the New Year promptly negated last week’s 6 cent gain. Negative sentiment in the Chinese stock market and additional devaluation of the Chinese Yuan in conjunction with today’s positive jobs report all helped shore up this week’s strong dollar action. The London Robusta market has been taking a hit […]

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December 31, 2015 Coffee Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Well that was fun! In a dismal year, coffee was one of the worst commodity performers closing 2015 down almost $0.53 (30%) in a year where commodity indexes were down 25 percent. For the year, coffee’s highest close was $1.9180 in January and low close was $1.1575 in November, a remarkable $0.76 range. […]

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