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February 26, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market  This week saw more of the same with the market trading within a 590 point range. The “C” market continues to have trouble finding legs as the bearish overtone persists with each new minor rally having consistently lower highs. While technicals can change, the dollar may weaken (currently its stronger overall) and oil […]

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Coffee Quality and the Importance of Packaging

When people think about the components of a quality of coffee, they probably think about the country of origin, roasting specifications and blend. Chances are that packaging doesn’t come to mind, when in fact, how the coffee is packaged plays a significant role in the stability, freshness and overall enjoyment of the coffee. Packaging becomes […]

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February 19, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market  We saw coffee drop off of oil’s hip this week, remaining range bound and changing very little. The continuing story is that high differentials out of Central America continue to spur certified stock drawdowns. Many in the trade are expecting the drawdown rate to increase in the coming months as it is unlikely […]

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Biodiversity – A key element to sustainable coffee production

In July 2015, during a meeting with a local partner in Costa Rica, we were introduced to the concept of a biological corridor and how important it is to sustainable coffee production. My colleagues and I were captivated with the concept. At that meeting, we learned that ecosystems deliver specific services for a good living, […]

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February 12, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market With the NY Arabica market closed this coming Monday for President’s Day, the “C” rebounded 2.5 cents after an extremely lackluster week settling down nearly 5 cents. The top two coffee producing countries were absent from the market this week with Brazil celebrating Carnival and Vietnam celebrating TET. This left Arabica futures swaying […]

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Selecting the Right Coffee for Your Concept

Selecting the right coffee for your concept is vital. It used to be that consumers in the away-from-home market first decided where they wanted to buy their breakfast food, then, they would accept whatever coffee was being served. While is often still the case, consumers are increasingly choosing where they want to drink their coffee […]

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February 5, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market While the market made a solid dip today, we saw it finish up 5 cents on the week. This rally was technical in nature and built momentum behind substantial short covering, successfully breaching the 9, 40 and 100 day moving averages. Additionally the real rallied, going up 5.5% against the dollar for the […]

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Coffee and Science – what a powerful pairing!

In Mid-January, I was one of the lucky participants to be invited to attend the first ever SCAA Sensory Summit! It was an amazing two days packed with multiple sensory experiences and wonderful knowledge sharing. The UC Davis campus was a great setting for this type of exchange and perfectly accented the underlying tone of […]

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January 29, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market The NY Market lost some of the momentum it had on Friday after a six-day rally, leaving Arabica futures about 5 cents above the lows from last week, but with no definitive direction. The Commitment of Traders report showed -29k short as of Tuesday, and with likely very little done over the past […]

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