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May 27, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market The “C” market dropped nearly $0.035 this week with a large portion of that occurring on Monday after a sell signal was triggered to follow up last Thursday’s $0.06 precipitous fall. After that the market continued to erode with slight drops each day. The big test will be if the market can break […]

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S&D takes steps toward a cure with JDRF

Involvement in the community is just one way S&D hopes to make a difference.  Through our annual employee-driven campaign, S&D raises money and awareness for juvenile diabetes by partnering with and supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Juvenile diabetes, also known as type-one diabetes (T1D), is a disorder of the body’s immune system. Those […]

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May 20, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market After Monday’s 345 point rally and nine consecutive days of “C” market gains, the NY market looked poised for blast off toward $1.40 or higher, but the beat-down was just around the corner. With Arabica above both the 100-day and 200-day moving averages, funds with long positions decided to throw in the towel […]

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How to Grow your Coffee Business

Every restaurant is different — with its own brand, operational structure, culinary profile and set of objectives. When it comes to growing coffee business, these differentiators play a key role in creating a successful strategy. These strategies, however, are built on a consistent framework, which can be outlined in the following five-step process. Start with […]

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NRA 2016 #sdfavorite Twitter Contest

With a variety of innovative S&D products at NRA 2016, we want to know your favorite. And that’s where Twitter comes in. We’re holding a Twitter contest for NRA Show attendees — here’s how to enter: Follow S&D Coffee & Tea on Twitter (@sdcoffeetea) Tweet to let us know your favorite sample from the S&D […]

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What’s ahead at NRA 2016

It’s May, which means the largest annual gathering of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry — the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show — will be here soon. This year, we are bringing a breadth of innovative beverage offerings to the 2016 NRA Show. A few of the emerging beverages we will be highlighting include: Sparkling […]

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May 13, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Today’s close marked 8 straight days of “C” market gains which have inched steadily higher throughout the rally, somewhat attributed to speculative short covering. At this point, the market has operated within a 15 cent range 76 percent of the time during the past 52 weeks, any break below or above the range […]

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May 6, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market It was a convoluted week that made a new nearby low at $1.1890 that later rebounded behind speculative short covering. It was somewhat interesting following the market with different segments of the trade absent of on separate days: Europe was off Monday for May Day; Catholics celebrated Ascension Thursday; and much of the […]

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Coffee Connects Us [Fellow Guest Blog Post]

Coffee connects us. This single crop narrates stories of our global history, draws reflections on who we are as a culture today, and depends on a future written by the collective decisions we make as a society. It’s through coffee that we can consider such a broad range of critical topics – from gender equity, […]

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Cookin’ Inspired by the Carolinas

From the low country of South Carolina to the Atlantic coast of North Carolina and small towns to large metropolises like Charlotte, the Carolinas offer a variety of cuisines and a food culture rooted in local ingredients and traditions. The foods and flavors of the Carolinas were the inspiration for this year’s S&D Culinary Challenge. […]

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The Fellowship of the Bean [Fellow Guest Blog Post]

What makes specialty coffee so special? At first, it may seem like a relatively simple question with a straightforward answer. Specialty coffee is special compared to ‘regular’ coffee because it is more expensive to buy, it’s grown at higher elevations in more nutrient rich soils, it’s processed better and it has an elevated flavor profile. […]

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My Re:co Experience [Fellow Guest Blog Post]

Yes, I had an amazing experience coming out of a small coffee farm in the middle of nowhere in Carangola, Minas Gerais State in Brazil and landing in Atlanta to experience what the great coffee authorities have to say about this wonderful drink that connects so many millions of people! It was interesting to see […]

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April 29, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market With significantly low volume, commercial selling continued to erode the coffee market this week after the “C” market failed to reach the 200 day moving average. The weakened dollar in conjunction with a stronger Brazilian Real did little to encourage participation by producers or roasters. On the physical side there is big talk […]

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