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August 26, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market It was a relatively slow and uneventful week for the “C” Market which is typical in late August as much of Europe is currently on holiday. Light volume traded and roasters and origin were largely out of the market which only left speculators to push things around. Although Janet Yellen cited that the […]

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S&D’s Brent Hall named SCAA licensed Specialized Instructor

From licensed Q-graders to speaking opportunities, S&D team members are committed to further developing their skills and participating in industry associations and events. This emphasis on professional development aligns with our goal of serving customers with solutions rooted in experience and deep industry knowledge. A recent example of this commitment is Brent Hall becoming a […]

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August 19, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market We finished up this week after the C market touched a three week low Wednesday at $1.3785 basis December, which came close to testing the 100 day moving average at $1.3755. Despite being unable to sustain the downward momentum, this week saw a significant amount of liquidation by non-commercial players as indicated by […]

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Importance of Process as an Engineer and Barista

Working in the food industry primarily as an engineer and on weekends as a barista, it is amazing to find the various synergies of both disciplines.  While it is obvious that there is an art to working as a barista, there is also an art to being an engineer.  Not everything works as a recipe […]

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S&D Coffee & Tea Leads Sustainability Discussion with Stakeholders

A sustainable supply chain strategy is critical in order to thrive in the global coffee market. At the same time, current sustainable sourcing models demand origin stakeholders, including farmers, comply with strict standards. As part of S&D’s ongoing efforts to establish a resilient supply chain for coffee, S&D met last month with key stakeholders in […]

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August 12, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market This week in the Arabica market was a literal downer — in that every day closed lower and lower and lower without much enthusiasm from end users for taking the bait for lower coffee prices. Fund longs continue to be sellers into the gradual decline, while shorts are slowly adding to their positions […]

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There is a Ghost in your Coffee (Spirits and Coffee)

Trends: we love to talk about them. We follow them. We start them. Some we keep long after they should end while others are flashes in the pan (think butter coffee). One trend that has always been elusive for the coffee industry is turning day into night and then night into day. I’m talking about […]

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August 5, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Thursday was one of the most interesting trading days for the NY coffee market in some time trading over a $0.06 range and blowing through not only $1.40 but $1.38 before reversing to close 170 points higher and very possibly establishing the $1.40 level as a point that will be difficult to break […]

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July 29, 2016 Coffee and Tea Market Report Highlights

Coffee Market Some days things outside of coffee take control of the Arabica market and today was one of those days, leading to a surprisingly strong end of week rally with the “C” notching its biggest up day in three weeks after a few days of trading that really felt like the summer doldrums. A […]

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