Coffee Buying
Toby Foreman

“An underlying responsibility in my role is helping to shine a light on what coffee can be and how it affects our communities and our customers. At S&D, it’s about passion for the product, the company and what we can do together through a single cup of coffee.”

Toby Foreman, Sr. Coffee Buyer

Key Initiatives/Projects

  • Helps to educate internal teams on the disciplines of coffee and how those factors impact coffee
  • Plays a key role in purchasing the finest raw materials and coordinating the complex process of delivering a steady stream of materials to our facilities for processing
  • Uses market data and insights to inform decisions around coffee selection and roast profiles

Toby Foreman, Sr. Coffee Buyer at S&D Coffee & Tea, brings more than 16 years of experience in the coffee industry to the company. Helping to align commodities, sales and S&D’s customers, he works to provide information about the coffee market — including industry, origin, supply, demand and quality.

Prior to joining S&D, Foreman held positions at Diedrich Coffee, It’s a Grind Coffee House and Halo Brands and owned his own coffee consulting company. Through these roles he gained experience in various aspects of the coffee business, including quality assurance, plant and store management, training, roasting and third-party product development.

Capitalizing on his operations background, Foreman also serves as a liaison between the commodities and operations team to help facilitate continuous improvement and cross functional alignment.


Foreman and S&D’s other commodities experts purchase components globally to give customers the flexibility to create the products they desire and demand.

Through his experience, he has a keen understanding of the “science” of coffee and how beans should be treated throughout the manufacturing process to produce the best product.