What affects the price of coffee?

What affects the price of coffee? Well, the simplest answer is supply and demand. Coffee is an agricultural commodity, and production changes will affect price. Simply put, lower production equals higher price while higher production equals lower price. Simple right? Well, it’s actually not so cut and dry, and over the last decade the complexities […]

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Connecting with S&D at the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Next week, members of the S&D team will be headed to Seattle for Re:co Symposium and the Global Specialty Coffee Expo (formerly the SCAA Expo). The Symposium and Expo are always great opportunities to connect with other members of our industry to discuss consumer trends, supply chain developments and the future of coffee ― and […]

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Judging, Competing and Connecting: An inside perspective on CoffeeFest Nashville

CoffeeFest Nashville 2017 marked a bunch of firsts for me. I had the absolute distinct honor to join the World Latte Art Open Judges panel with fellow champion Shroeder Hsieh [Tokyo 2015], owner of Milkglider University, Taipei City, Taiwan, and David Schomer of Espresso Vivace, one of the first developers of latte art in America. […]

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