Specialty coffee represents 25% of all finished coffee purchased in the United States. Consumers are growing in sophistication and demand greater varieties of taste in their dining experience. At S&D, we create our specialty coffee with the highest-quality green coffee beans, roasted to their greatest flavor potential, and then brewed according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards. S&D’s coffee buyers and licensed Q-graders also cup every bean, evaluating the aroma and taste at least five times from source to finished roast.

With over 80 years of roasting experience, we are committed to quality from the farm to your cup. Our pursuit to provide you with the perfect cup of specialty coffee begins where the coffee fruit grows — in tropical regions around the world. Our world-class coffee experts acquire the highest quality rare and exotic varietals for you to enjoy.

We have three tiers of carefully crafted specialty coffees which are known as the S&D Specialty Coffee Collection.  The Classic tier consists of our everyday blends and flavors; the Legendary tier houses regional blends with 51% of the blend coming from the named region; and finally the Epic tier offers truly premium  coffees, including estate and single-origin blends often only available for a limited time. We also offer sustainable coffees like Fair Trade Certified™, Rainforest Alliance and Pura Vida coffees; along with the flavorful blends of Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen™.  Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the precise blend your customers will love every time, with consistency and quality you can count on.

While our specialty coffees deliver delicious flavor and superior quality, our custom coffee is where we truly stand out. At S&D, we develop and deliver customer-specific specialty coffee programs to help expand our customers’ brand. We start by creating your proprietary specialty coffee. Next we design merchandising and marketing tools, incorporating your overarching brand. Then we work through menu development to match your brand personality and customer preferences, as well as incorporating blended drinks, espressos and other high-margin products to broaden your beverage program and expand your profitability.

Specialty should also mean quality. All S&D manufacturing processes are documented and rigorously adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We are the only roaster in the United States to hold this certification, guaranteeing that we will meet your specifications every time. By combining the scale and technology of a state-of-the-art roasting facility with the agility of a craft roaster, we provide made-to-order batches as small as 100 pounds.

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Specialty Coffee Product Offerings:

S&D Specialty Coffee Collection

Our new Specialty Coffee Collection allows you to choose the perfect blend for your business. Our collection houses three tiers of excellently crafted coffees that have been developed for specific restaurant segments and at price points that make sense. But most importantly, each coffee is absolutely delicious and is truly a special coffee that delivers in taste, favor, and aroma. Learn more at http://sdspecialtycoffee.com/.

Pura Vida

When you buy Pura Vida, you get more than a great cup of coffee. Our premium beans, hand roasted in small batches, provide unsurpassed flavor and fullness. Because Pura Vida specializes in Fair Trade and organic coffee, you help farmers sustain their families and protect the environment with every cup you drink. And because Pura Vida is 100% charitably owned, you help children and families in coffee growing countries build more hopeful futures.

Barnie’s® Coffee

Barnie’s® Coffee & Tea Company is known for their commitment to serving the finest quality coffees and proprietary flavors. S&D Coffee roasts to Barnie’s exacting specifications to bring out the best in all of these exciting coffees.