Iced Blended Coffee

The popularity of the coffee shop has consumers demanding iced blended coffee drinks.  If you don’t happen to have a barista on staff to help you meet this demand, then S&D has a solution to help you take advantage of this growing category.  Our All-in-One flavor fusions allow you to deliver authentic, premium coffee shop styled beverages without the waste and inconsistency of traditional methods of creating the beverage.

With three flavors to choose from, you can add milk, ice and our smoothie base to create a Perfect Frappe.  Add ice cream instead of the smoothie base and you can serve a Perfect Iced Coffee Shake.

Our All-in-One flavor fusions offer a smooth and refreshing taste your customers will remember.

Ice Blended Tea

Tea can take on many forms, and now your customers can enjoy the flavors and benefits of tea while cooling down with a Tea Smoothie. With S&D’s blended tea beverages, you can get that cold, smooth experience with the deliciously refreshing taste of tea.

Tea Smoothie

The Teafinity Tea Smoothie is a delicious way to offer authentic, coffee-shop-style refreshment variety to your customers. Based on S&D’s shelf-stable All-in-One Flavor Fusion system, these easy-to-build smoothies are available in three great flavors — Pomegranate Green Tea, Honey Green Tea and Chai Tea. They take less than a minute to prepare with just the touch of a button, making them convenient for kitchen staff and servers, and ideal for drive-thru and high-traffic locations.

With only a commercial blender and our smoothie base, you can make Teafinity Tea Smoothies that come out smooth, sweet and flavorful every time.

Iced Blended Beverages Product Offerings:

All-In-One Flavor Fusions™

Our All-In-One Flavor Fusions™ program has the total cold beverage package, combining the best flavor, consistency, operational ease and cost savings. Use your favorite All-In-One flavor with your smoothie base, add ice and blend. You will be able to offer consistently great-tasting beverages on-demand.  Our extracts are available in several flavors. Prepare in 30 seconds or less.

Teafinity Tea Smoothies

Teafinity Tea Smoothies feature S&D’s All-in-One Flavor Fusion™ Concentrates which contain the optimal balance of genuine extracts, pure cane sugar, and flavors. When the concentrate is blended with a simple base (which adds body), dairy and ice, the beverages finished and ready to serve…as good as any barista could make. Our signature ingredient for the Smoothie is tea, because of its antioxidants, but more importantly, because of S&D’s credibility as a purveyor of Iced Tea.