From sparkling tea and cold brew coffee to sauces, baked goods and cocktails, S&D’s extracts are the perfect way to enhance your menu, drive customer traffic and grow profitably.


With millions of pounds of green coffee roasted annually, S&D is leading the way in developing custom liquid coffee extracts that meet the specific sensory profiles our customers demand. Selecting a broad range of bean varietals and using precise in-process controls, our team measures Brix, pH and other parameters of our coffee product while working to ensure the highest quality and best flavor.

Cold Brew Coffee

S&D is proud to supply the industry’s top brands with the capability to offer cold brew beverages. Our extensive experience in developing customized extracts allows our team of experts to fine-tune every process and deliver the flavor profiles and applications that both operators and customers expect.


With more than 50 unique leaf varietals inventoried to help us deliver on today’s consumer preferences, S&D offers a growing assortment of tea extracts and concentrates, as well as flavor blends that combine classic tastes with delicious accents of fruits and botanicals. We focus on specific characteristics like color, clarity and flavor to accurately replicate precise combinations while providing our customers the highest consistency available.


When it comes to harnessing nature’s most sought-after flavors, S&D delivers with functional botanical extracts that are more balanced and less astringent. S&D’s botanical extraction experts can customize development and delivery solutions that fit your business model.


No matter the finished product, S&D can create a custom formulation using our extracts as a building block. With flavor bases and variegates for cocktails, ice cream, sauces, baked goods and more, kitchens and bars everywhere count on S&D’s flavor ingredients to make the perfect blend for a variety of popular menu items.