When you need quality healthcare beverage service, choose S&D. Working within your budget, we deliver cost-effective equipment, service and product solutions that benefit your organization.

To start, we survey your facility to determine the product and equipment options most needed within your healthcare community, whether the type of establishment is an individual institution or a national chain.

S&D focuses on your short- and long-term needs, as well as delivering a great-tasting product. We support your high-volume coffee and tea applications, as well as juice and thickened water that can be delivered on a beverage cart to your residents’ rooms. Quality, convenience, service and care — all from one company you can count on.

Health Care Product Offerings:

Juva Roast™ Antioxidant-Rich Coffee

Juva Roast is provides an all-natural source of antioxidants extracted from coffee berry pulp.  Exceeding the antioxidant levels of other super-fruits, Juva Roast has nine times the antioxidants in a regular cup of coffee.  The antioxidants in Juva Roast™ are a natural energy source and provide a noticeable lift.  Juva Roast™ also gives an immune system boost in several significant ways.  Antioxidants obtained from Juva Roast™ destroy free radicals that can cause disease in our bodies.  The coffee pulp extract in Juva Roast™ also contains anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties.  S&D has fortified Juva Roast™ with vitamins A and E.  All of these attributes combine to make Juva Roast the healthiest coffee available in foodservice today.

Thick-It AquaCare H²O Thickened Water and Coffee

As many as 10 to 15 percent of patient residents at long-term healthcare facilities have dysphagia.  Thickened products (both food and beverages) are required for patients with dysphagia. Thick-it AquaCare H²O Thickened Water and Coffee has significant advantages over other thickened beverages.

It is crystal clear and has no corn starch, no sugar, and zero calories. The water product tastes clean and pure. The coffee product is made from S&D Coffee Extracts, which deliver an authentic and smooth coffee taste. The coffee product is ready to serve or drink and can be heated (for hot coffee, serve between 140° and 160°). It can also be frozen to make ice cubes for cold beverages. The water product can also be delivered via bag-in-box systems.