Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at S&D — and nowhere is that commitment to creativity and discovery more apparent than through our unique food and beverage applications. Using our diverse lineup of coffee and tea ingredients, our team tests and develops original recipes that add both flavor and value to any menu.

Farmer's Square Tea Smoothie

Refreshing blended summer beverage using black tea concentrate, milk and fresh fruit.

Iced Coffeechata

Inspired from the classic Mexican horchata drink with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and orange zest.

Oh Cointreau Coffee Seltzer

A mix of seltzer water and coffee extract with hints of vanilla for a cool coffee beverage with a twist.

Spa-kling Tea

A fusion of sparkling water, honey green tea concentrate with, ginger, cucumber and chipotle pineapple syrup for a new take on a relaxing beverage.

Thai Beach Shaken Iced Tea

Simple, fruit-infused beverage with mango and ginger. A light & refreshing drink perfect for summer.

Toasted Coconut Frappe

A fun twist on a blended favorite with vanilla coffee concentrate, coconut syrup, and toasted marshmallow.