Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at S&D — and nowhere is that commitment to creativity and discovery more apparent than through our unique food and beverage applications. Using our diverse lineup of coffee and tea ingredients, our team tests and develops original recipes that add both flavor and value to any menu. Click the links below to explore the latest exciting food or beverage combinations from the culinary experts at S&D.

5 Minute Mocha Walnuts

A great way to use coffee in a super food snack.

Candied Coffee Bacon

The combination of two universally loved ingredients – coffee and bacon!

Green Tea Marinated Tofu

A way to use green tea extract to ramp up a simple tofu dish.

Mexican Coffee Wings

A unique way to use coffee extracts on an American favorite.

Smoky, Crunchy Chickpeas

Using roasted ground coffee to elevate a seasoning blend.

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

A great one-pot recipe using a coffee extract.