As the largest foodservice iced tea supplier in the U.S., S&D is on the cutting edge of delivering fresh brewed taste prepared from choice tea leaves. With the popularity of tea at an all-time high in the U.S. market, our team is hard at work sourcing directly from farms around the world and perfecting blends especially for iced tea.

Trust the Experts
We apply our 60 years of tea experience to create outstanding fresh brewed iced tea. Through relationships in origin countries like China, Argentina and Indonesia, we buy and control every tea component directly for exceptional consistency and quality. Our own director of tea procurement selects and blends leaves specifically for iced tea. And our 3 expert cuppers and advanced equipment ensure each cup is top-notch.

Profit and Value
Backed by this expertise, S&D makes it easy for you to provide high quality teas with great value. In 2012, World Tea Media recognized S&D with 1st place and Best Value awards in the foodservice category of the 2012 Iced Tea Class. And since fresh brewed iced tea is one of the highest margin products you can offer, selling iced tea is a great way to increase your profits.

Patented Brew Systems
If you brew both iced tea and coffee, we can help ensure quality and flavor with our patented square brew baskets and corresponding square tea bags. The unique shape makes it easy to tell the difference between coffee and tea and ensures proper contact time for full extraction of delicious tea. The basket helps prevent cross-contamination with the coffee maker and “off” batches where the color or flavoring is wrong. You always get good tea.

Health Benefits
Tea is perceived as a healthy beverage, and for good reason. Tea contains vital flavonoids, which are linked to improved heart, gastrointestinal, bone and oral health. In fact, tea has one of the highest contents of flavonoids among common food and beverage products.

Our iced teas contain 115 mg of flavonoids per 8 oz. serving. And since tea contains no sodium, fat or carbonation, it’s an excellent alternative to other beverages on the market. As consumers become more health conscious and recognize tea’s natural goodness, offering this healthy alternative will benefit your business.

Flavored Tea
Extend your beverage offering with our deliciously flavored iced teas. Blended from choice, fresh-picked tea leaves and infused with aromatic fruit flavors, our premium line of Mangrove Bay® fresh brewed iced teas makes a refreshing addition to any beverage lineup.

Available in popular flavors like peach, passion fruit, raspberry, mango and our delicate green tea variety, Mangrove Bay adds a level of sophistication and refinement to your offering while satisfying the discerning tastes of today’s customers. Each flavor includes the essence of delicious fruits, and our popular raspberry iced tea was a prior 1st place award winner in the annual North American Tea Championship.

The Experience
Whether it’s individual servings in a hotel room or large urns for restaurant preparation, S&D has the technology and expertise to fill your customers’ glasses with refreshing tea that’s deliciously fresh brewed. Fill your customers’ glasses with fresh taste that keeps them coming back for more.

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea Product Offerings:

S&D Ice Teas

We collect premium orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas from the Far East and South America, and then blend them to create quality products with consistently superior taste.

Mangrove Bay Select Iced Teas

Mangrove Bay Green Tea is made from fresh picked leaves that are steamed and not fermented for a light green color and delicate taste. Our Mangrove Bay line also offers fresh brewed flavored iced tea in Mango, Passion Fruit, Peach and Raspberry flavors. All of our teas are made from a blend of choice tea leaves from select tropical tea gardens touched with the essence of aromatic fruit flavors sure to delight the most demanding connoisseur.