Blending is the key to reliability. Though selection and quality tea sources are vitally important, blending is the pivotal point in the process that maintains the consistency of our flavor profiles.

Getting it Perfect

Blends are designed to enhance qualities in the components — in other words, capitalize on the strengths of each participating tea. Each tea is selected for its individual attributes, such as clarity, color, flavor and aroma. A blend brings together the best of each to create the perfect combination.

Custom Blends

At S&D, we balance the elements and attributes of varietals to create unique, award-winning teas. In fact, S&D is the country’s largest supplier of iced tea to foodservice. Our teas are blended with precision and dedication to crafting the perfect finished product — a true art form.

Cupping Along the Way

Every tea batch is cupped four times. We cup an approval sample before the tea is even shipped to our facility. Once it arrives at our local warehouses, we cup a second sample. The third cupping happens when the tea makes its way to the manufacturing area, ensuring that the tea has stored well. And finally, the tea is cupped after blending, to evaluate the final product.