For years, coffee and tea were treated generically as commodities.  When the coffeehouse era arrived, proprietary brand names were gaining more credibility. These “new brands” differentiated themselves from the traditional grocery store brands.

In foodservice, you have worked hard to build a brand that you are proud of and your customers have come to know and trust.  That’s why S&D focuses on creating brands you can own, based on high-quality coffee you are proud to serve. We help extend your beverage brand to dayparts beyond breakfast, yielding increased profits as a result — all while cost-effectively matching your blends or creating a new blend to enhance your cuisine. It all adds up to the smartest set of solutions courtesy of America’s smartest coffee and tea company.

S&D focuses on creating brands you can own, based on high-quality coffee you are proud to serve.

It all adds up to the smartest set of solutions courtesy of America’s smartest coffee and tea company.


Commodity Sourcing


We constantly pursue the finest raw materials


We connect with the entire supply chain from farmers to operators


We commit to minimizing customer’s risk so they can focus on their business

One of the most important factors of S&D’s sourcing capability is the depth and breadth of expertise you will find in our Commodities Department.  Backed by a team of industry veterans, S&D constantly pursues the finest raw materials and connects with the entire supply chain from farmers to operators.

Coffee and tea markets can be unpredictable.  With industry leading expertise, S&D guides you through every step.  Our size and strength provides greater cost efficiency.  We use very sophisticated financial instruments when appropriate.  In every phase – product selection, budgetary planning, forecasting and execution – S&D is the premiere commodities partner.

Our team draws from a range of diverse experience including:

  • Owning, managing, and running coffee farms
  • Leading agronomy and micro-enterprise development projects at origin
  • Driving quality initiatives throughout a global supply chain
  • Trading on the floor of the NY Coffee Exchange
  • Managing futures, options, and over the counter hedge instruments
  • Coordinating innovative end to end supply chain risk management programs tying fixed price at the farm level all the way to finished product pricing

S&D employs eight qualified cuppers, three Q Graders in coffee and four qualified tea cuppers (Specialty Tea Institute Level 1 Certification).

Our team travels to origin about once per month.  We have full-time purchasing operations in Colombia and Argentina for coffee and tea sourcing and to support the Raiz Sustainability platform.  This origin presence gives us an unobstructed view of the size and availability of the crop and various issues that may impact sustainability.

All S&D customers can enjoy the benefit of our large, every day coffee buy that “smooths” market fluctuations.  Dollar cost averaging makes volatile markets more manageable.

For larger customers we use a variety of risk management tactics to help you plan for the future.  As an example, under our advisement, but according to the customer’s discretion, we will buy and hold futures contracts against our line of credit so you can lock into today’s lower prices.  If the market is likely to go down, we sometimes purchase “put” options based on customer instructions to hedge against lower coffee prices in the future.  JP Morgan is S&D’s hedging partner.

This sort of multi-year coverage has been invaluable for customers who work hard to manage their risks.  Let us customize a program that fits your business.  Our fully staffed commodities trading desk is standing by to offer you real time information, market analysis and insight on a global basis.

Our Coffee & Tea Market Report is generated weekly by the commodities team at S&D.  Each week the public market data is curated by the industry experts and analyzed.  The most important changes are highlighted and presented in this report.  Come back each week to read the most current Coffee & Tea Market Report from S&D Coffee & Tea.

Product Development


S&D has a proven track record, working symbiotically to vet menu ideation then take product concepts through every stage-gate to ensure the probability of success.

Our Product Development Team is chartered to help you develop differentiated and profitable menu items.  Their capability spans the culinary arts and food science, backed by well-equipped coffee and liquid extracts labs.

Our VP of Innovation (and Executive Chef) drives our quest for the best tasting menu items.  Years of experience in the industry, trend hunting, and artful culinary brush strokes lead to an array of ingredients and finished beverages.  Our technique is to design the most optimal blend of flavors and textures that can transform an ordinary product into an extraordinary sensory experience.

Food science begins with these unique menu concepts and works backwards to build them into a reality.  S&D has a total of five food scientists in Product Development and another three in Quality with formal degrees and decades of tenure in the industry.  Their methodology builds products that are safe and durable with the fewest SKU’s possible.  Our knowledge includes food law, food regulation, and the most current food processing and ingredient technology.

We understand you.  We understand the marketplace.  We turn your application opportunity into profitable products and menu items.

Let’s talk R&D to R&D, and together we can shorten time to market and elevate your brand with great products that will delight your target consumers.

Manufacturing Facilities / Quality

S&D’s corporate campus spans several facilities in Concord, on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our main offices house our executive team, commodities buyers, product development, customer services and support staff.

Our state-of-the-art coffee and tea storage and production facilities receive the components and blend/roast products for our customers, while finished goods are packaged and distributed for when-you-need-it delivery.

At our nearby liquid extracts production facility, we naturally extract coffee, tea and botanicals for ingredients and use in emerging beverages and other food products. Other nearby facilities include additional administrative offices, and our common-carrier distribution and fulfillment center.

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At S&D, quality is critical. It’s part of our DNA, and what makes us able to provide flavor-perfect products, every day, across all lines.

In addition, our trained and certified cuppers taste coffee and tea from around the world side-by-side to first select the best coffee and then to ensure the coffee we purchased is the coffee we received. We employ licensed Q Graders, which are the highest standard of coffee cuppers. Our facilities are also Level-3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified — an industry achievement that shows how passionate we are about supplying you with quality coffee and tea.

Every single one of our processes is carefully documented.

Delivery Systems

From coast to coast, our delivery and distribution network allows us to offer our customers the options they want — when they want them. We offer three distribution choices: direct store delivery, fulfillment delivery and commissary.

Our direct store delivery operates routes in more than 20 states, delivering to national chains, convenience stores, offices and more. For those who fall outside our route-delivered service, our fulfillment program offers the ability to order at any time with no minimum and a variety of delivery options. We also work with more than 300 distributors to ship our products to warehouses across the country — so no matter your distribution needs, you can rely on S&D to deliver.

From coast to coast, our distribution and delivery network allows us to offer our customers the options they want — when they want them. We offer three distribution choices: direct store delivery, fulfillment delivery and commissary.

Customer Service

infog_customer_serviceAt S&D, customer service isn’t an add-on benefit — it’s a vital part of what we do. In fact, it’s why we’ve been in business for so long and continue to grow.

It all comes down to our people. Whether you have a problem to be solved or an order to be placed, you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable associate who will help you get what you need — and get it fast. Our customers have full access to Customer Service 24/7/365, with an average wait time of just 7 seconds, and we’re committed to a 24-hour issue resolution policy.