Carlos Palacios

Director of Purchasing for Sustainable and Specialty Coffees

“I am passionate about what I do, particularly in terms of sustainability, and am committed to doing the best for the industry at all levels—from producer to consumer. Through our sustainability platform, S&D has the ability to offer our customers the opportunity to positively impact origin countries and influence the coffee industry across the supply chain.”

Carlos Palacios, Director of Purchasing for Sustainable and Specialty Coffees

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Leads the procurement needs for clients embracing coffees from the S&D sustainable platform
  • Works closely with the VP of Sustainability and Strategic Initiatives on the overall sustainability platform strategy and contributes to its successful implementation
  • Uses his deep understanding of the market to introduce ideas in the coffee supply chain that bring new opportunities while driving profits

Hailing from Jinotega, Nicaragua, with a family history in the coffee business, Carlos Palacios brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the S&D Coffee & Tea sustainable sourcing team in his role as Director of Purchasing for Sustainable and Specialty Coffees.

Palacios entered the commercial coffee industry in 2000, managing sales of green coffee to North America, Europe and Asia for one of the largest green coffee exporters in Nicaragua. In this role, he also utilized his background in international business, finance and marketing to promote the brand image and quality of Nicaraguan coffee to major roasters around the globe.

Palacios transitioned from green coffee exports to a purchasing role with S&D where he saw an opportunity to leverage his understanding of the trade to build new strategies and fortify the company’s overall sourcing platform. In his current position, he is responsible for developing sourcing strategies to expand the company’s sustainable specialty coffee offerings.

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Palacios sees that whether dealing with the product from a procurement or sales standpoint, personal relationships play a key role in the tightly knit coffee industry.

A green coffee grower himself, he understands the business from the source and provides a critical perspective on the dynamics and needs at origin.