David Piza

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

“We are at origin on a permanent basis—we aim to know where our coffee comes from and strive to meet our customers’ sustainability and quality standards. This knowledge allows us to share value throughout the supply chain and provide insight into the relationships for the benefit of all involved.”

David Piza, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Supports the implementation of S&D’s sustainable sourcing platform
  • 14 projects under way in 12 producing regions delivering benefits to 6,900 coffee growers
  • Developing partnerships that meet both the producer’s specific needs and the needs of S&D’s customers

As S&D’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, David Piza supports the implementation of S&D’s sustainable sourcing and direct trade strategy in Central and South America. Based in Medellin, Colombia, he cultivates relationships with trading partners, coffee producers and S&D sourcing communities with a primary focus on farm-level productivity — with the goal of strengthening the economic position of the farmer through practices that also lead to environmental and
societal improvements.

Growing up surrounded by the coffee industry in his native Colombia and earning a degree in industrial engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, Piza brings a unique perspective to his work with S&D. In addition to being a trained cupper, he has served as an economic advisor for Colombia’s largest coffee-growing region, a project coordinator for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and a relationship coffee manager at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers. A decade of industry experience in the region has given Piza insight into operations at the origin level, including a keen understanding of how to increase benefits to producers while meeting customers’ standards of quality, quantity and sustainability.

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David focuses on building relationships to drive productivity, support economic growth and encourage sustainable practices.

A member of the SCAA Sustainability Council and guest lecturer and author, Piza is contributing to moving sustainability initiatives forward on an industry level.