Jack Purr

“With coffee becoming a much more widely traded commodity, education about today’s coffee market is handled differently than it was 10 years ago. We want to be the go-to resource for our customers on what affects the price of coffee, especially since so much of the impact is from factors outside of coffee fundamentals and requires a more macro perspective on the industry.”

Jack Purr, Purchasing Manager, Green Coffee

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Works alongside S&D’s internal teams to help customers understand the market and its implications on the price of coffee
  • Serves as the lead technician on market timing and price projection, helping to craft the weekly coffee market report
  • Manages the green coffee purchasing process for the company, ensuring a steady stream of quality raw materials

Jack Purr has more than 33 years of experience in the coffee industry and brings this expertise to his role as purchasing manager, green coffee at S&D Coffee & Tea.

Purr began his career on the New York Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa exchange floor, and he has worked in several industry disciplines including market and technical analysis for brokerages, focusing primarily on coffee, trading at a hedge fund and on the trade side of the market, sourcing green coffee and selling it to roasters.

His role at S&D brings him full circle — now having worked in all aspects of the coffee commodities industry — allowing him to leverage his technical background to provide insights into the broader marketplace, as well as the specific coffee sector, for S&D and its customers.

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The diverse backgrounds of Purr and the other members of the commodities sourcing team allows them to provide varied perspectives and serve as valuable resources for S&D’s customers.

Purr’s experience with the day-to-day market can help customers filter out some of the confusion — better informing their pricing decisions and helping to mitigate their risk.