Kyle Newkirk

Senior Vice President of Global Sourcing & Commodity Risk Management

“Consumers are looking for better, more unique coffees and to know who produces them. We’ve seen the expansion of our supply chain, in both diversity and complexity, to include farm-direct and region-specific sustainable coffees that are sourced via programs with proven farmer and community impact. S&D continues to invest in people and programs to exceed customer expectations for quality and transparency.”

Kyle Newkirk, Vice President of Global Sourcing & Commodity Risk Management

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Led the expansion of sustainable and direct trade coffee sourcing
  • Created unique supply chain and risk management programs for multi-national customers
  • Developed a strategic plan to optimize the supply chain to drive profitability, innovation and ensure that S&D continues to be a world-class supplier for its customers

Vice President of Global Sourcing and Commodity Risk Management Kyle Newkirk brings more than 20 years of experience in global commodities procurement and supply chain development to his role. Newkirk joined S&D Coffee & Tea in 2012, following positions in commodities and sustainable sourcing with The Hershey Company and General Mills.

At S&D, he is responsible for commodities procurement, risk management, raw material sourcing and contract manufacturing, as well as strategic leadership for sustainable supply chain programming. Whether it’s working with sales to source a new product for a customer or partnering with the product development team on new packaging formats, Newkirk and his team play a part in almost every area of operation within the company.

Combining his background in food science and sustainable development with his extensive knowledge in sourcing and risk management, Newkirk brings a unique perspective on how to achieve operational success through an optimized supply chain.

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Focused on quality, Newkirk revamped green coffee internal specifications, established new cupper qualification procedures and invested heavily in training.

Utilizing his expertise in international development, he serves on the CQI Board of Trustees, working to promote the common language of coffee quality.