Dr. Maya Zuniga


“People are passionate about their coffee and tea, and from my scientific perspective, I like being able to understand the characteristics and flavor notes they have positive reactions to. This information is beneficial to us in our product  development, as we seek to provide our customers with beverage solutions that cater to their consumers’ preferences.”

Dr. Maya Zuniga, Supply Chain Optimization and Technical Expert

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Led development of a customized commercialization process for vetting new ideas based on the Stage Gate process
  • Developed relationship and program with NC State University to increase product knowledge and consumer research capabilities
  • Spearheads efforts to bridge the gap between art and science in the coffee industry

As Supply Chain Optimization and Technical Expert, Dr. Maya Zuniga leverages her knowledge of supply chain management and cost optimization to streamline processes and realize savings.

Holding a master’s and Ph.D. in food science, Dr. Zuniga brings a strong academic background and technical training to the organization, complemented by 20+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Her previous roles with Pillsbury and General Mills allowed her to expand her knowledge in product development as well as learn about supply chain and category management. These roles facilitated effective cross-functional interactions and honed her skills in product and cost optimization while still delivering high quality products and results.

Now, with S&D part of a larger beverage company, Dr. Zuniga is instrumental in identifying synergies and approaches to ensure a fully optimized supply chain while still facilitating innovation in both product and process.

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Zuniga facilitates cross-functional initiatives and helps the organization identify opportunities for cost savings and increased productivity.

She continues to demonstrate her technical expertise by representing S&D on industry committees and in topical discussions and serving as a Certified Lead Instructor for SCAA.