Olga L Cuellar G

Sustainability Strategy Leader

“When thinking about sustainability, there needs to be a holistic approach and consideration for how the action will have an effect both now and in the future. Protecting the profitability of the business is key, but it needs to be balanced with the impact on resources — which can range from water and land to a viable workforce.”

Olga L Cuellar G, Manager for Sustainable Sourcing

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Managing 17 projects in six countries which directly impact 4,500 farmers
  • Providing producers the tools they need to achieve sustainability
  • Working closely with the commodities team to buy coffee that meets the requirements of the S&D sustainable sourcing platform

Olga Cuellar manages S&D’s strategic sustainability initiatives, providing expertise and implementation of all aspects of the sustainability strategy to ensure the organization is prepared to meet long-term challenges and opportunities. Based in Colombia, Cuellar provides hands-on contributions and deepens relationships with farmers to encourage environmentally conscious performance and ethical conduct within the supplier base—building long-term sustainability.

A native of a small coffee-producing town in Colombia, Cuellar earned a master’s degree in Latin American studies from the University of Arizona and wrote her thesis on the role of women in coffee production in Colombia’s Cauca region. In addition to being trilingual and a licensed Q-Grader, Cuellar brings more than a decade of experience in the coffee industry.

At S&D, Cuellar combines her industry experience with her passion for sustainable models and integrating farmers’ and women’s perspectives in global coffee value chains.

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Working with S&D Coffee & Tea’s sustainability team, Olga L Cuellar G manages S&D’s sustainable sourcing initiatives in Central and South America, specifically Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru.

For each origin project, she works with strategic partners to ensure timely implementation and with the S&D commodities team to meet benchmarks that support the overall supply chain strategy.