Our Method

Coffee Procurement

Choosing the foundation for S&D’s coffee starts with a visit to the source. Key members of the commodities team procure samples from growing regions around the world — and often travel to many coffee-growing communities. Finding just the right coffee is all about researching farms, talking to growers, touring mills and, of course, tasting and buying superior beans.

Once the coffee is in-house, our trained and certified cuppers taste samples side-by-side to identify defects and ensure that the coffee we ordered is the coffee we received.

Coffee Roasting & Blending

Though S&D is the largest custom foodservice roaster and provides full-scale commercial roasting for many of the country’s leading brands, we have the ability to roast smaller batches to meet customer demand. Long runs or small, our roasters use computerized state-of-the-art technology to control roast levels from batch to batch and order to order.

By using our proprietary methods and seasoned expertise, we customize our roasts and blends to customer taste on the spot with guaranteed results. We create superb and consistent proprietary blends — all with better yields, lower waste and greater efficiency.