When Beverage Branding Becomes Permanent

I have had the fortune of marketing to consumers in a fairly wide range of beverage categories — from wine, to spirits, to beer, to flavored malt beverages and now coffee and tea.  What has fascinated me throughout my career is how passionate many consumers can be about their specific beverage of choice.

Beverages help us start the day, relax us, pick-us-up, energize us, treat us and to help us shed the day.  Few products are as connected with social occasions:

“Can we talk over coffee?”

“We need to grab a beer sometime.”

“[Cue Champagne pop…] Let’s celebrate!”

While beverages can be functional, I’ve found that people have a stronger emotional connection or experience with beverages than most other brands or items.

My MBA “traditional CPG” marketing friends always have joked with me as to whether beverage marketing was “truly marketing” or if the beverages I’ve worked on were true “brands.”

My response?

People tend to get tattoos of things they truly care about and display proudly to others: images of friends & family, Bible verses or other meaningful sayings, etc.   In my nearly 20 years in beverages, I’ve seen countless beverage tattoos across all the categories I’ve worked (including some really cool coffee ones!)  — exemplifying people’s loyalty to their beverages or “beverage brands.”

So, my response to them is always: “How many detergent brand tattoos are out there?  Not many, huh.  I guess the brand you work on isn’t worth the ink.”

I have been excited to continue my beverage marketing journey here at S&D.  It’s given me the opportunity to leverage and build upon my beverage experience and help our national restaurant customers offer new coffee and teas made for their passionate beverage consumer.

No coffee or tea tattoos for me though…at least not yet.

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