A modern expensive coffee machine is shown in work in modern cozy coffee shop.

With 63% of American adults drinking coffee daily, National Coffee Day is more than a micro-holiday being celebrated on social media. It’s a caffeinated celebration happening every year on September 29 that has operators nationwide coming up with new ways to increase traffic.

What can you do to get in on the action? There are plenty of ways you can capture the attention of java lovers near you. Here are a few promo ideas you can implement in time for the big day:

Iced Coffee in Mason Jar

Leverage Your LTOs

Have you been planning to add a new latte, cappuccino or cold brew to your menu? National Coffee Day is a great time to showcase new items, and an LTO is the perfect way. Customers love the novelty of a fun and delicious LTO, so creating interesting drinks or exclusive discounts only available for one day, or even a few hours, will create a sense of urgency that speaks to every customer’s FOMO. Promoting them is critical, however. From table tents and window clings to emails and social posts, advertising your special offers will fuel the demand needed to drive sales.

Experienced smiling barista giving master class at coffee shop interior

Share the (Coffee) Love

Whether you’re brewing a brand new beverage or offering special discounts on your most-loved menu items, social media marketing is key, especially as beverages continue to dominate. Fun graphics, behind-the-scenes videos or even teasers of what you have planned for the day-of can help generate a buzz worth sharing. If you’re looking to expand your reach even further, consider paying to ‘boost’ your posts or create social media ads. With features that allow you to target geographically, you can make sure your big plans are getting noticed by the local customers that love you—or are about to.

Group of Happy friends having making selfie in cafe

Think Outside the Cup

With so many shops, restaurants and stores using National Coffee Day to lure coffee lovers with competitive prices and unique blends, it’s important to think beyond the beverage. Hosting a coffee-focused brunch or a pop-up during busy morning drive times are just a taste of the types of events that can set you apart while helping to build meaningful customer relationships. Special offerings also attract customers and give them a reason to come back, so think about giveaways, free samples and coupons you can put together and promote as you lead up to the holiday.

It’s no secret that major holidays bring significant marketing potential, but as “national days” continue to gain traction, taking part gives you an opportunity to connect with current customers while capturing the attention of new ones. No matter what you might have brewing for National Coffee Day, there is still time to get customers talking—and sipping—with you. Consider these tips to attract new and repeat customers and turn your promos into a successful sales strategy.