Case Study: Bringing the Coffee House to the Clubhouse with Quail Hollow's Mobile Coffee Cart

Located in the Quail Hollow neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, Quail Hollow Club features an 18-hole golf course, two clubhouses, an on-site restaurant, event venue and other clubhouse amenities.

Within its 56-year history, Quail Hollow has been involved with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) for over 40 of those years. As the annual host of the Wells Fargo Championship, Quail Hollow will also serve as the course location for the upcoming 2017 PGA Championship and 2021 President’s Club tournaments.

Quail Hollow and S&D Coffee & Tea have been partners for over 20 years, and S&D is the club’s sole provider of both hot and cold coffee, as well as hot and cold tea products. Because of its growing popularity and increased foot traffic, club management wanted to experiment with a new mobile beverage concept that would serve members and future patrons as needed and encourage a sense of community when on the grounds.
Four locations of a large coffeehouse chain are in close proximity to Quail Hollow, which were taking a large amount of members’ business.
Surrounding hotels were either starting to implement or already established the concept of a coffeehouse within their operations.

At the time, Quail Hollow needed a solution that would not only expand on their offered products, but also provide premium quality to members through a genuine coffeehouse experience. An environment was needed to encourage more engagement of club members and ultimately impact Quail Hollow’s  profitability.

S&D brought forth a new initiative through the use of a mobile coffeehouse, which was introduced at the 2016 Wells Fargo Championship. High-quality lattes, espressos and other cold beverages were served at the Wells Fargo Championship tournament using a bean to cup system that cut  down on operational challenges and required cleaning costs.

With its multi-functional and versatile features, the mobile coffee house was able to adapt to any setting. The unit was transformed from a portable coffeehouse during the day to a full-service bar later in the afternoon. Its modern, sleek appearance made it a nice fit as it was placed in the golf shop, surrounded by exclusive, upscale merchandise. Throughout the day and late afternoon, the mobile beverage cart was set up to achieve both a coffeehouse experience and sophisticated, social environment for the spectators.

For the first time in the 14-year history of the Wells Fargo Championship,espressos and cappuccinos were served. An expanded menu was offered
to spectators in an attractive environment that quickly turned into a hot spot destination.

The mobile coffee house served as a conversation piece with tournament attendees. People lingered and engaged in conversation with the staff, creating a comfortable environment that promoted increased  beverage purchases and an enhanced tournament social experience.

“There is tremendous opportunity in our industry to expand our use of mobile products,” said Tom Delozier, general manager of Quail Hollow Club. “Investing in more portable solutions, like the mobile coffee house concept brought forth by S&D, will only enhance our operations and provide members and guests with a convenient, high-caliber experience.”

Due to this success, management is already starting to look towards other S&D portable solutions and beverage equipment to bring more relevance  and accommodation to club members and patrons.

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