Coffee Megatrend #1: Coffee IS a Healthier for You Beverage

By John Buckner — SVP, National Account Sales


As the largest supplier of coffee and tea to restaurants today, we are in tune with the trends of the away from home market for coffee — which entails 10 billion servings annually and is growing at a 6 percent clip. In this blog series, we will walk through 10 mega trends we’re seeing in the coffee industry.

Years ago, coffee was just a one-dimensional, functional beverage, and in some circles, it was almost considered a vice.

There is no doubt that coffee is a virtuous beverage now. At a time when other energy beverages fall short, we’re seeing that they just don’t match up to coffee in the “better for you market.”

If your beverage contains caffeine that naturally occurs from a plant — versus an additive — you are fortunate, because today the ingredient label has to be clean.

Our first megatrend is: Coffee is now considered a “healthy beverage choice.”

Just this past June, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that coffee has no link to cancer, 20 years after the “possibly causes cancer” ruling.

In fact, it is widely acknowledged that coffee has many protective benefits, so, I can be confident that I am fending off liver disease; I am eradicating Alzheimer’s; and there is no way I will ever get colon cancer…as long as I continue my daily three to five cups of coffee.

These findings are particularly important as coffee still fulfills an important function for a lot of people. In fact, one of the top three need-states for hot-brewed coffee remains “gives me energy.”

So, our mission is to be a superior source of healthy energy.

Nowhere is this more relevant than for the long haul trucker, whose very livelihood depends on staying alert as the hours turn into days and weeks at the wheel.

Distribution is the back-bone of the economy, so I decided to conduct a series of interviews with truckers to learn more about them.

Check out this video to see their responses:

Did you catch that? Maybe my next marketing plan will include coffee as our “eye opener and pepper upper.” And that last guy, Jack, is almost 80, and coffee is the fuel that keeps him on the road.

So, this inclusion of coffee among “healthier for you” menu items is critical. There are no more road blocks to usage and the path to health is now clear, so you are going to see coffee consumption continue to rise.

Stay tuned for more coffee megatrends which we’ll be addressing in future blog posts. Until then, check out our coffee education section for more information on this beverage.