Coffee Megatrend #4: This is the age of the coffeehouse and bar mash-up.

By John Buckner — SVP, National Account Sales


As the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in America, we are in tune with the trends of the away from home market for coffee — which entails 10 billion servings annually and is growing at a 6 percent clip. In this blog series, we will walk through 10 mega trends we’re seeing in the coffee industry.

Millennial consumers have said that the environment where they drink their coffee is an important elevated need. They have staked out their third place beyond home and work. And once you have them in the morning for coffee, it isn’t too much of a stretch to extend into craft beer, regional wines and cocktails.

This concept perfectly demonstrates the next megatrend: this is the age of the coffeehouse and bar mash-up.

Having a single venue that operates as a coffeehouse during the day and bar at night optimizes service in several ways:

  • The dexterity of the barista and the bartender is a similar skill-set that can be leveraged.
  • Staff can be cross-trained to work at both ends of the day.
  • The environment is already established.
  • Alcohol is the caffeine of the night, offering opportunities to expand menus into the evening hours.
  • With the addition of live music and lighting alterations, the ambiance transitions from day to night.

Bars that feature craft beer are particularly well-suited for this undertaking. Once you add nitrogen to cold brew and pour it out of the tap, you have the perfect convergence ― with a style and sophistication that elevates coffee.

Beyond the fitting relationship between the coffeehouse and bar’s menu and style, this mash-up also a smart asset utilization for the business. The structure is in place for both, and it creates new opportunities for expanded dayparts.  In marketing terms, repeat visits by the same customer occur because you get them for new purchase occasions.

There is no doubt that this experiment is worth the try. We already see it working in numerous locations and customer loyalty goes even higher if executed well.

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