Coffee Quality and the Importance of Packaging

When people think about the components of a quality of coffee, they probably think about the country of origin, roasting specifications and blend. Chances are that packaging doesn’t come to mind, when in fact, how the coffee is packaged plays a significant role in the stability, freshness and overall enjoyment of the coffee.

Packaging becomes the short term “home” that coffee will reside in while it waits to achieve its final purpose: refreshment and enlightenment. In order to allow the coffee to reach its full potential, the industry has come up with different materials that allow for varying transmission rates of light, moisture, oxygen and time.

As a general guideline, we have structures that will give the customer 120 days, 180 days or 365 days of shelf life. Both the 120-day and 180-day options consist of a sealant layer and metalized polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The metalized PET is what gives the film its oxygen barrier properties. The only difference between these two structures is that the 180-day shelf life packaging has an extra layer of PET film that gives a better oxygen transmission rate. The 365-day structure includes a layer of foil, allowing for longer shelf life, but stiffening the film structure.

Unlike the paper bags or cellophane often used by craft roasters, our packaging provides a sufficient barrier between the roasted coffee and the external environment. No light, moisture or oxygen can penetrate the bag — allowing the coffee to remain stable and primed for brewing.

In addition to the superior packaging, what really sets us apart is the quality of our production. We use the naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the roasting process to displace the oxygen out of a portion of coffee and then package it in a way that removes the residual oxygen from inside the bag to maintain freshness — either via a one-way valve or by allowing the coffee to maintain its natural environment of nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Having well maintained equipment and consistent, high quality suppliers of film and valves helps create an environment conducive of high quality coffee and helps ensure an enjoyable coffee-drinking experience.

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