Do coffee drinkers care about sustainability?

This is naturally an important question, because as businesses and brands our reason for being is creating value for our customers. When it comes to sustainability, the research has been somewhat inconclusive. Consumers will state they value sustainability, particularly younger consumers, but that doesn’t always translate to their purchase behavior. And so the question persists…do they care?

Our view is: yes. The issue is less about their commitment to sustainability, and more about their understanding and trust. They need to understand and really trust a company’s commitment to sustainability for it to effect purchase behavior.

Up until recently, companies have leaned heavily on third-party certifications to convey their sustainability commitments. Recent research conducted by S&D with young coffee drinkers, revealed certifications can be a very important supporting element but alone doesn’t convey commitment. Holistic programs and clear proof of impact, particularly related to environmental issues, were far more compelling to young coffee drinkers. More highlights from our study are available here.