My Re:co Experience [Fellow Guest Blog Post]

Yes, I had an amazing experience coming out of a small coffee farm in the middle of nowhere in Carangola, Minas Gerais State in Brazil and landing in Atlanta to experience what the great coffee authorities have to say about this wonderful drink that connects so many millions of people!

It was interesting to see how serious topics were worked through and the amount of information that was passed to people like me: a small family coffee holder who works in an association of 266 people— all eager to know more about coffee.

I was afraid it would be too technical, but I was happy to be able to follow everything and was amazed by all kinds of studies which I had no clue about like at the “moving towards a true understanding of the coffee consumer” session and the whole thing about the new flavour wheel!

Kim Elena brought us food for thought by talking about the labor crisis which is an issue here in my region.

All in all, I do want to thank everyone on behalf of our association here for the enourmous contribution you have made towards rethinking, regarding and reconsidering coffee.

Next week, I´ll start giving small talks about my experience in Atlanta to small groups of coffee holders here. Thank you for the impressive input!

Julenia Lopes
CCRC – Centro Comunitario Rural de Conceicao

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