Quiz: Which Flavored Iced Tea Matches your Personality?

Ever wondered what flavor of iced tea best fits your personality? As part of National Iced Tea Month, we’ve created a quiz to help you determine your perfect iced tea from the S&D Coffee & Tea collection.

Answer the following five questions, write down the letter for each of your answers and check the key at the bottom to see your match!

1. How would you like to spend a Saturday night?

A. Sitting around a campfire with friends

B. Hosting a party at your house

C. Exploring a new destination

D. Getting lost in a great book

2. Which of these is your favorite color?

A. Green

B. Red

C. Orange

D. Grey

3. Where would you pick to go on vacation?

A. The Bahamas

B. New Orleans

C. Rio de Janeiro

D. London

4. Which of these menu items is the most appealing to you?

A. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich

B. Fried chicken

C. Sushi

D. Grilled salmon

5. If your best friend had to describe you in just one word, which would he or she choose?

A. Easy going

B. Outgoing

C. Confident

D. Smart



Mostly As: You’re matched with Peach Lemon Green Tea!

Your iced tea personality: smooth, soothing and laid back


Mostly Bs: You’re matched with Merry Berry Black Tea!

Your iced tea personality: friendly, confident and gets along with everyone


Mostly Cs: You’re matched with Watermelon Black Tea!

Your iced tea personality: bold, fun and a risk-taker


Mostly Ds: You’re matched with Mandarin Green Tea!

Your iced tea personality: clever, thoughtful and dependable


Let us know your results in the comments or on social media!