Romancing the Coffee in Colombia

Romancing the story of any product is a key job of a marketer worth his or her salt. In coffee, that involves knowing a little backstory on the farm or the farmer and translating it into compelling words coupled with amazing photos — all crafted to capture the buyer’s imagination and compel them to purchase your coffee. Sometimes, words aren’t enough. Sometimes, you just had to be there!

Well I was there last week. I was at the IV Biennial International Women’s Coffee Alliance Convention in Bogota, Colombia. Before the convention, I was able to visit the Colombian Coffee Federation (FNC) Coffee Training Center in the Montenegro Region on a tour organized by the FNC. The first part of my tour blew me away. Talk about romancing the cup!!

Picture the scene: getting off the tour bus and walking down a tree lined path that opened into a bamboo forest clearing. In the back middle of the clearing is a table with four bamboo benches covered in burlap. On the table are cups and saucers, a goose neck kettle and a Chemex coffee maker. The scene was breathtaking! Behind the table was a small woman who proceeded to describe step-by-step how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. She described the roast of this wonderful Colombian coffee, the coffee to water ratio and the brew time. As she spoke, a waiter in a perfectly starched white shirt, black pants and black tie served a chicken popover and freshly squeezed juice (best juice EVER!). When the coffee was ready, he passed out the coffee. The aroma was amazing…the flavor — wow — hard to describe, but so wonderful. It was smooth, sweet and balanced with a beautiful finish.

I thought about the times I was in a planning meeting with a customer or with our sales teams. They wanted me to provide a way to romance the coffee or to help them to tell the story that was compelling enough to get someone to buy it. I thought…this is that story, unfolding before me. This is the story everyone wants. As I read the words I wrote above I shake my head…really…you just had to be there.

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