Sustainability at S&D: Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are all about looking forward — finding ways to work collaboratively to innovate and develop long-term solutions. But it’s also important to reflect back to see what has been accomplished, assess the progress made and analyze outcomes for future application.

That balance of reflecting back and looking forward is displayed in our 2014 Sustainability Report, released earlier this year. Capturing key initiatives and outlining the path for the future, this report provides a wealth of information on S&D’s sustainability efforts — those that have been completed, those that are ongoing and those that will happen in the future.

A few highlights from the report:

  • At S&D, one of our top priorities is strengthening the stability of our supply chains for coffee and tea — ultimately delivering real economic benefits to farmers and their families. Over the past year, S&D partnered with Conservation International to develop a conceptual framework for a sustainable sourcing platform. The goal is not only to yield better coffee and tea quality, but also more effective farm management, less environmental impact and more resilient communities in the long run.
  • In 2014, S&D developed verification options for sustainably sourced coffee and implemented capacity-building programs at origin—two key initiatives that help to support a more sustainable future
  • Our technical assistance programs help to partner with farmers in Central and South America to address specific challenges and leverage new opportunities. We understand the power of working together and currently have 14 projects underway in 12 producing regions.
  • Our top priorities for 2015 and beyond are to continue to improve upon and monitor processes and systems in place, applying more advanced key performance indicators, while continually evaluating overall strategy as it relates to our key focus areas. These initiatives will include extending our sustainable sourcing platform to tea and moving toward more extensive reporting, using GRI guidelines and professional verification.

This report emphasizes the value we place on our sustainability platform, and the importance of sustainability for our company, our partners, our industry and the world.

Looking for more information on S&D’s focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility? View the entire 2014 Sustainability Report.