Five Ways to Drive Cold Brew Coffee Sales

Five Ways to Drive Cold Brew Coffee Sales

There’s no denying the buzz around cold brew coffee. Nearly two-thirds of coffee drinkers have tried cold brew and as many as one-fifth of them now regularly consume it.1 Consumers believe the cold brewing process enhances the taste and quality of the coffee and nearly 90% are willing to pay a premium price.1 For example, more than 50% would pay fifty cents or more for cold brew coffee than they would for a traditional iced coffee.1 When it comes to the cold coffee category, 43% of iced coffee drinkers now prefer cold brew.2

The popularity of cold brew coffee means there is huge profit potential for operators looking to expand their beverage program. With summer just around the corner, there is even more opportunity to drive cold brew sales.

Here are five ways to leverage the cold brew trend and expand your beverage profits.

1. Serve Samples

Serve free samples to introduce customers to your cold brew offerings. It may sound like a no-brainer, but this simple approach can help attract new customers and drive impulse sales. Consider offering a coupon or same-day discount to further sales opportunities. For some, it may be their first time tasting cold brew coffee, so take the time to offer background information on how it differs from traditional iced coffee and why it commands a higher price point.

2. Offer Cold Brew Customization

If we’ve learned anything from foodservice success in recent years, it’s that customization is king. Offer guests the opportunity to build their own cold brew beverage with a choice of flavored syrups and milks. Plus, the growing demand for functional foods provides a great opportunity to upsell premium on-trend ingredients like turmeric, probiotics and collagen protein as beverage add-ins.

3. Get Creative with Signature Menu Applications

From elevated milkshakes to buzz-worthy cocktails, cold brew coffee can be used to create signature menu items that help set you apart from the competition. Blend cold brew coffee with bananas and nut butter for a healthy smoothie or add ice cream for an indulgent mid-day snack. To drive evening sales, consider integrating cold brew into your cocktail menu. After all, coffee cocktails are predicted to have a resurgence this year with cold brew Negronis and tiki drinks already appearing on menus.

4. Elevate In-Store Merchandising

Further awareness by showcasing your cold brew offerings with highly visual signage throughout your establishment. Using table tents or displayettes in locations where customers order is a great way to encourage impulse buys. They can also be used to promote your cold brew specials or draw attention to popular pairings or value meals to drive upselling opportunities. For example, you can highlight cold brew breakfast pairings in the morning and snack pairings in the afternoon.

5. Create a Stronger Digital Presence

From social media to email marketing, there are a variety of digital platforms that can amplify awareness of menu items, LTOs, promotions and more. Take advantage of the fact customers turn to mobile and social channels for real-time news, by offering exclusive same-day promotions to help drive traffic. This rewards followers with insider opportunities and encourages new followers who want to be in the know. You can also boost social word-of-mouth by offering special discounts to customers who tag your operation and share their cold brew experiences.

With the 580% increase in cold brew coffee sales from 2011 to 2016,3 it’s safe to say cold brew is here to stay. Are you leveraging cold brew coffee to help drive your beverage sales? From customization to creative menu applications, it’s time to amplify your cold brew program and what sets it apart from the competition.

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