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A great way to use coffee in a super food snack.

A play on the traditional “cup of coffee”, this coffee-flavored cupcake is topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

A sashimi salmon filet served with mango tea rice and sauce, topped with a mango tea foam.

Coffee infused date cake, dressed in a warm toffee sauce and topped with tea and lemon ice cream.

A mix of savory and sweet with sweet potato filling and coffee-flavored marshmallow fluff.

A coffee and mascarpone frappuccino with a ladyfingers garnish.

An icy blend of the traditional English dessert of bananas and caramel.

Brined pork belly with coffee sauce served over hash and dressed salad.

A fluffy cloud of whipped cream cheese atop a delicious blueberry citrus iced tea.

Layered on top of a sweet oats crumble, these bombes feature layers of butterscotch gelato and coffee gelato with a cream bourbon butterscotch sauce in the middle.

The combination of two universally loved ingredients – coffee and bacon!

A classic coffee with an alternative twist.

A sweet dough filled with a chai tea mixture and topped with a citrus cream cheese glaze.

Spiced tea waffle with fruity apple butter and spiced whipped cream.

A classic chocolate beverage with a fruity twist.

A dessert frappé with a tropical touch, this drink is a blend of coconut and coffee flavors.

A coffee cheesecake wrapped in egg roll wrappers and fried.

A coffee-flavored date cake with toffee sauce and banana flambé.

Breaded and bacon-wrapped chicken livers, topped with a coffee gastrique and fresh garnish.

A sweet duo of a vanilla crepe filled with tea cream and a chocolate crepe filled with coffee cream.

A chai and sticky bun pairing with a coffee brown sugar addition.

Refreshing blended summer beverage using black tea concentrate, milk and fresh fruit.

This savory salmon, haricot verts and rice dish is flavored with a mix of five different teas.

A marriage of breakfast treats, this donut is topped with a coffee maple glaze.

Combine passion fruit tea with a splash of gin for a vibrant and sweet cocktail.

A savory, tea infused dish of meatballs over rice and spinach with a sweet tea glaze.

A way to use green tea extract to ramp up a simple tofu dish.

An irresistible flavor of hazelnut and coffee combined to perfection.

Fit for royalty, this donut is filled with fruit preserves and topped with a tea glaze.

A refreshing twist on a classic cocktail.

A White Russian with a cold brew twist!  Cold Brew coffee is blended with vanilla vodka, Kahlua and heavy cream for a perfectly balanced coffee experience. 

This drink is bursting with coconut flavors and textures.

Inspired from the classic Mexican horchata drink with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and orange zest.

A rich and velvety beverage bursting with chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors.

A breakfast bread featuring tea, dried fruits and spices, topped with fruit preserves.

Cold Brew Coffee shaken with bourbon for a perfectly balanced coffee taste with hints of maple syrup and citrus flavors.

A savory meatloaf muffin with mashed potato topping and coffee and tea flavored vegetables.

A unique way to use coffee extracts on an American favorite.

A rich donut filled with coffee pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache and almonds.

A flavorful mix of cocoa-dusted fondant, raspberry sauce, espresso caramel and chow mein noodles.

An elegant combination of chocolate flavors with tastes of blackberry, hazelnut, and coffee.

This fun, alcoholic treat gets an added jolt of espresso.

A savory and sweet breakfast treat, this donut is topped with maple bacon and syrup.

A mix of seltzer water and coffee extract with hints of vanilla for a cool coffee beverage with a twist.

Oreo cheesecake bites made with a coffee sauce and amaretto cream.

This minty beverage will have you thinking of the holidays year round.

A fiery mix of rum, Irish, and cinnamon whiskeys topped off with coffee ice cubes.

This espresso torte is a delicious mix of chocolate and coffee, topped with chocolate curls and pirouette.

The traditional French pastry with a pop of coffee and salted caramel flavor.

A decadent, layered pie with chocolate mousse, ganache, coffee, and caramel flavors.

Using roasted ground coffee to elevate a seasoning blend.

A fusion of sparkling water, honey green tea concentrate with, ginger, cucumber and chipotle pineapple syrup for a new take on a relaxing beverage.

A refreshing mix of tea and fruits that evokes the freshness of summer.

A blend of spices and bold flavors, this chicken is topped with a tea mole sauce and served over a fennel salad.

Marinated beef with strong Asian flavors served over tea-infused rice.

Simple, fruit-infused beverage with mango and ginger. A light & refreshing drink perfect for summer.

This breakfast dish is a mix of pork, potatoes, eggs and a touch of sweet fruit.

Mini bagel balls with hints of tea, pistachios, and basil.

A twist on the traditional dessert, this coffeeglazed donut is flavored with a tiramisu filling.

A fun twist on a blended favorite with vanilla coffee concentrate, coconut syrup, and toasted marshmallow.

A great one-pot recipe using a coffee extract.

A refreshing and delicious alcohol-free cocktail that’s both healthy and delicious, featuring watermelon, lychee and green tea!

A white chocolate danish, topped with a coffee caramel drizzle and dressed salad.

A delicious twist on the popular fried treat from New Orleans featuring espresso coffee extract.

A s’more inspired frappé that puts a cold spin on the traditional campfire treat.