News Release: How to Help Hungry Kids This Holiday Season

…Almost 40 percent of households that need food assistance have kids who can benefit from milk.

Opinion Piece by RON HINSON, Chairman, President and CEO, S&D Coffee and Tea

Appeared in the Minneapolis based Star Tribune, December 19, 2014

There’s a hunger crisis in America. According to the 2014 Hunger in America Study by Feeding America, one in seven Americans reaches out for food assistance each week; nearly 40 percent of these households have a child under age 18 — a child who needs the important nutrients in milk as part of a healthy daily diet.

Churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other organizations often hold canned food drives during the holidays. And while most people are generous with donating nonperishable pantry staples, they don’t realize that food banks are in need of milk, eggs and other dairy products.

From helping repair muscle tissue to maintaining healthy red blood cells, the nine nutrients in milk work together to help keep a body functioning. But the truth is, milk consumption falls short of daily recommendations by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

That’s why we are donating 500,000 bottles of MilkSplash® to food banks across the country this holiday season, including 60,000 to Second Harvest Heartland. MilkSplash® is a new milk flavoring that’s encouraging kids everywhere to drink their milk, and parents like it because it has zero calories.

MilkSplash® is proud to support the Great American Milk Drive to bring attention to the need for highly desired, nutrient-rich milk. The drive is the first nationwide program to encourage consumers to donate milk to hungry families.

The hunger crisis will continue until 5 million of our neighbors no longer need to turn to food banks each week for assistance. Through the end of this year, the Great American Milk Drive will match donations made at, making milk gallons multiply at your local food bank this holiday season. By entering your ZIP code, you can ensure that milk is delivered to help nourish children in your own community to help them grow up strong with the essential nutrients so vital to their health and wellness.

Ron Hinson is president and CEO of S&D Coffee & Tea, Concord, N.C