News Release: S&D Joins Tea-2030 in Effort to Address Tea Sustainability

CONCORD, NC – While S&D Coffee & Tea is wholly dedicated to its day-to-day production of top quality iced teas, it is equally concerned about the future of the tea industry. With that in mind, S&D has joined Tea-2030, a global initiative to address tea sustainability. S&D thus becomes the first U.S. based working group partner and joins other industry leaders like Unilever, Finlays, Yorkshire Tea, Ethical Tea Partnership and Rainforest Alliance.

“Tea is the world’s most consumed non-alcoholic beverage after water and S&D is one of the largest importers of tea in the United States,” said Tracy Ging, S&D’s Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. “Tea is a significant commodity in the world and in our business. And the tea supply chain is increasingly challenged by sustainability considerations related to climate change, increased demand for energy and water, competition for land use, and smallholder livelihoods.”

The Tea-2030 collaborative initiative, led by Forum for the Future, involves building a shared understanding across the tea industry of the critical challenges it must tackle. Tea-2030 is exploring risks and opportunities and from the most likely scenarios, developing a set of collaborative innovation platforms to start addressing key challenges. To find out more, visit:

This is just one of several initiatives that S&D is undertaking as part of an increased commitment to integrating sustainability into its core business strategy.

“The relationship between global issues such as a growing population, increased climatic variability, and stresses on water supplies and the long-term availability of products that we rely on is clear,” added Ging. “We at S&D understand that investments are needed and the opportunity here is to harness the will and resources of business to usher new solutions, models, and systems forward.”

S&D Coffee & Tea is the nation’s largest custom roaster and the largest blender of Iced Tea for the Foodservice industry. In continuous operation since 1927, the company serves over 90,000 customers through national distribution and direct store delivery. S&D has been distinguished for supplier excellence by many of the largest retailers and consumers of coffee and iced tea including McDonald’s and the U.S. Military. In 2009, S&D added a state-of-the-art Liquid Extracts Division which extracts the flavors of coffee, tea and botanicals for use in iced coffee, shakes, ice cream and frozen desserts, energy drinks and other packaged and dispensed products.  For more information about S&D Coffee & Tea go to