News Release: S&D Rings Up Five First Prizes from the 2012 World Tea Expo

CONCORD, N.C. — The late actor Ben Gazzara once said, “I love awards, especially if I get them.” And while nobody at the Tea Division of S&D Coffee and Tea would say that they live for awards, it is nice when they get them. They got them in plentiful supply recently when the 2012 World Tea Expo, an event hosted by World Tea Media, awarded five first prizes to S&D that will officially be presented this coming weekend at its trade show in Las Vegas.

The first-prize awards to S&D included four for flavor and one for value in foodservice applications. They included: (1) Foodservice Black Unflavored/Unsweetened (fresh brewed tea) — Premium Blend, (2) Best Foodservice Value — Premium Blend Fresh Brewed, (3) Foodservice BIB (Bag in Box) Black- Flavored Tea – Teafinity® Raspberry, (4) Tea Foodservice BIB Black Unflavored/Unsweetened — Teafinity Unsweet, and (5) Foodservice BIB Black Sweetened — Teafinity Sweet.

“We take tremendous pride and put a great deal of effort into the tea side of S&D,” said Joe Doyle, director of tea procurement and tea products. “These awards serve as an affirmation of what we have done for years. The recognition is also important because we have sometimes been perceived as a packer for the masses. But we won these awards against companies who deal primarily with specialty teas.”

Mark Friday, a national account manager who oversees the Teafinity Product line added, “These awards certainly validate the Teafinity line of concentrate teas as being similar in quality and taste to ‘fresh brewed’ tea. In the past, liquid concentrate products have struggled to gain acceptability when compared to fresh brew. With Teafinity, you get that clean, crisp, fresh taste without the liquid concentrate artificial overtones.”

The Teafinity Product Line was created by S&D in response to a need from restaurants, convenience stores, hotels and other institutions to serve iced tea in high volume, quick recover, low labor-cost applications. Teafinity Natural Brewed Iced Tea compares most favorably in taste and appearance to fresh-brewed iced tea among all tea concentrates. Teafinity Natural Brewed Iced Tea has no artificial flavors—it is brewed from real tea leaves and purified water, and processed aseptically (using minimal preservatives).

The timing of the awards couldn’t be better for Teafinity, as it has an impressive list of new products coming out soon.

“We will launch new flavors including, but not limited to, Raspberry, Low Calorie Pomegranate Green Tea, Tropical Black Tea and Mango Green Tea in our Teafinity line-up,” said Friday. “We also expect to introduce a simplified, low-cost equipment solution to complement our current Brewmaster System.”

The general public’s consumption of iced tea is on the rise, according to a study done by NPD Group, Crest Report, 2011. In the year from March 2010 to March 2011, iced tea servings showed the biggest gains of any beverage product. In fact, it had 214 million more servings than the previous year. Clearly, iced tea is no longer just a warm weather pleasure.

“It used to be that in the summertime, tea picked up the slack for coffee sales,” added Doyle. “But now we don’t see those seasonal fluctuations as much anymore. Tea is popular on a year-round basis, which makes what we are doing at S&D’s Tea Division even more important.”

S&D Coffee& Tea is the nation’s largest custom roaster and the largest blender of iced tea for the foodservices industry. In continuous operation since 1927, S&D Coffee serves over 80,000 customers through national distribution and direct store delivery. S&D Coffee has been distinguished for supplier excellence by many of the largest retailers and consumers of coffee and iced tea. In 2010, S&D added a state-of-the-art Food Innovations and Ingredients production unit which extracts the flavors of coffee, tea and botanicals for use in iced coffee, shakes, iced cream and frozen desserts, energy drinks and other packaged and dispensed products.

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