Case Study: Creating an Iced Tea Sensation for a Top Quick Service Brand

A leading quick service brand with more than 300 franchise owners was offering iced tea using a variety of suppliers, applications and offerings. Without consistency or quality control across its system, the chain was selling the equivalent of less than two gallons of iced tea per location per day, or just under one million gallons annually. The majority of locations were using one-ounce tea bags and a hot water machine, while only about 25% of stores were using actual tea brewers.

S&D was tasked with developing a completely customized iced tea program — first selecting and installing tea brewers, then delivering a uniquely branded tea blend to boost sales.

During a six-week rollout to more than 1600 stores nationwide, S&D provided a comprehensive, consistent platform that featured eight points of contact — introducing a pure, natural iced tea brand through engaging signage, window clings, tray liners, dedicated cups and more. A customized training component helped ensure virtually all employees at each location were knowledgeable about the new iced tea — available in regular sizes as well as an additional half-gallon “to-go” option.

Thanks to S&D’s targeted strategy to build awareness for the brand’s new iced tea offering, sales soared to more than 4.5 million gallons annually — driving double-digit growth for the program’s  first two years.

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