Case Study: Specialized Solutions for One of the Nation’s Leading Bakery Café Brands


One of the most successful bakery café brands in America turned its focus to sales opportunities beyond its famous cinnamon rolls. As a category leader, this brand featured approximately 300 U.S. locations, including inside high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airport terminals, and sports and entertainment venues. Given that exposure to potentially high customer volume around the clock, the brand was particularly interested in generating beverage sales that would boost traffic at  underperforming dayparts — all anchored by stand-alone beverage items known to be repeatable and highly profitable.


S&D was tasked with creating a cinnamon roll-flavored iced coffee and iced blended beverage with a coffee base.


S&D validated the beverage concept by determining a test store, furnishing product and point-of-sale materials and conducting store intercepts to gauge purchase intent and the appeal of the new beverage platform. Using that research from the field to  verify elements like flavor, sweetness and quality, S&D developed two custom beverages for the brand. More than two-thirds of customers interviewed indicated to S&D that they were at least 60% more likely to purchase again. These high scores gave the bakery café chain enough confidence to launch.


Thanks to S&D’s commitment to creating unique and innovative beverage strategies, the iced blended beverage has become the brand’s best-selling frozen beverage of all time.

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