Whether it’s a local business around the corner or a large organization supported by one of our segment-focused national account teams, S&D has the tools, experience and innovation to make the most important brand – your brand – stand out and succeed.

Sales Team

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At S&D we have sales teams to work with you and develop the optimal beverage strategy for your organization: non-commercial, distributor, national accounts and national convenience store.


We work with more than 300 distributors to build programs and beverage strategies they can leverage to support their customer base and take advantage of the latest foodservice beverages. Click here to learn more.

National Accounts

With service levels near 100 percent, you never have to worry about your source of supply as a national account with S&D. Products arrive on time. Shipments are accurate and complete. We even help streamline commodities purchasing, helping to manage your cost and risk.

Each account is assigned an officer of the company and an account team backed by specialists from each S&D corporate department. We dedicate more resources than any other coffee/tea supplier, whether for rapid deployment of equipment audits, POS installation or associate training.

Depending on your beverage strategy, our Product Development team can help design a proprietary blend, while our Marketing team can partner with you to determine the most effective messages to communicate your beverage story.

National Convenience Store

Our team is experts in convenience retailing, understanding what you need in order to leverage the hot beverage category and maximize your profits in this lucrative category.  Visit our Convenience Retailing page to learn more about  what we can bring to your retail organization.

Equipment & Service

S&D specifies, sells, services and refurbishes brewing and related equipment to help you provide the highest quality product to your customers. In fact, our beverage equipment is installed in over 40,000 locations.

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Through our network of 250 S&D personnel and 750 contractors, we provide service and repair to all of the locations in which our equipment is placed, logging more than 120,000 service calls annually. Nearly 100% of all equipment issues are resolved within 24 hours.

At our S&D facility, we have a comprehensive service center where we check, repair and rebuild brewing products, all with the aim of keeping our direct store delivery customers happily serving high-quality S&D teas and coffees. Our sales and technical support teams are renowned for excellence and urgency, helping us win multiple “supplier of the year” accolades from major multi-unit operators across the country

Marketing Experience

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Successful marketing execution requires a unique combination of talent and knowledge to build the perfect recipe for developing your beverage platform. That’s why the S&D Strategic Marketing Team leverages market-relevant data to develop insights and recommendations to drive growth through your beverage offerings. From beverage strategy development and category research to branding, point-of-sale materials and promotional ideas, we help you design and implement a complete beverage program.

When it comes to a coffee and tea marketing strategy, there is no group more skilled at creating a comprehensive marketing plan that translates into revenue for your business.