Satisfying a World of Consumer Preferences

Today’s consumers are diverse in both culture and preferences. Variety and customization has become a way of meeting consumer’s increased expectations. By investigating category realities, including competitive activity, we uncover core relevant category truths which result in better positioning and allow you to optimize execution. S&D goes beyond to help turn insights into actionable category plans, providing sustainable growth.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, service and systems for sustained, profitable growth in All Dispensed Beverage categories through continued research and development.

C-stores are pressuring all channels on coffee and food. C-stores have gained market share due to lower price points, improved customer experience, and upgraded coffee and food offerings.

C-Store industry data cites hot dispensed beverages represent 14% of all foodservice sales.  Of that 14% – drip coffee represents 78%, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and specialty beverages 13% and hot tea less than 1%.

Espresso-based beverages (EBBs) continue to grow and are up 2% year over year. EBBs are consumed twice as much by individuals under the age of 39.  YOY there was an 8% penetration increase in EBBs among consumers aged 25-39.