No matter the market, S&D Coffee, Inc. delivers the perfect combination of equipment, service, and product solutions — all within your organization’s budget and all tailored to fit your specific needs.

Distributor, Group Purchasing Organization


Distributors and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are looking for a manufacturer that will provide them with insights, marketing support and innovation.  When you decide to work with S&D,  that is exactly what you will get.  Our goal is to become your best in class beverage supplier.  Our account management team will partner with yours to drive business with your members.

Colleges & Universities

From the dining hall to the campus coffee shop, S&D has colleges and universities covered with a complete range of sustainably sourced blends and certified organic varieties that today’s socially conscious students expect.

But great products are just the beginning. College students want to know they’re making a difference. By marketing brands like our S&D Specialty Coffee Collection and Pura Vida premium coffees alongside messaging that supports our shared vision of improving the lives of coffee growers everywhere, you’ll enhance the coffee experience on your campus like never before.


When you need quality healthcare beverage service, S&D delivers. To start, we survey your facility to determine the product and equipment options most needed within your healthcare community, whether it’s a local institution or a national chain.

We support your high-volume coffee and tea applications, as well as juice and thickened water that can be delivered on a beverage cart to your residents’ rooms. Quality, convenience, service and care — all from one company you can count on.

Clubs and Resorts

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A recently opened on-property coffehouse achieved sales more than 30% above projections after just three months, bringing in more than $2,000 in additional revenue per day.

Specialty coffee beverage strategies and solutions for today’s clubs and resorts

At S&D, we understand that when it comes to member and guest satisfaction, it all starts with the details. That’s why a partnership with S&D is so powerful for clubs and resorts across the country. We work closely with management to develop insight-based concepts and design dedicated spaces — encouraging members and guests to view the property as a destination for enjoying their favorite beverages. The results of a partnership with S&D are clear: increased profitability, more beverage purchases, greater social engagement and, ultimately, complete customer satisfaction.

A recently opened on-property coffeehouse achieved sales more than 30% above projections after just three months, bringing in more than $2,000 in additional revenue per day.

The beverages your guests and members expect.

We’re proud to help clubs and resorts serve their members and guests the very best, including an assortment of specialty coffees, refreshing teas and today’s most popular barista-crafted beverages. It’s all about offering a truly unique beverage experience without ever leaving the property.

S&D successfully debuted a unique mobile coffeehouse concept at a recent PGA Tour event — the first of its kind to offer premium beverages to visitors right on the course. Its multifunctional, versatile design helped increase beverage purchases and enhance the social atmosphere during the tournament.

The solutions and service only S&D can deliver.

From logo and menu design to recipe development, S&D has the resources and expertise to partner with any property, creating a one-of-a-kind beverage destination. Here are just a few of the customized solutions our team can provide:

Beverage recipes

Menu design/front-of-house concept planning

Barista training sessions

Mobile coffeehouses across the property

Hospitality, Lodging & Gaming

It takes more than clean rooms, friendly service and a respected name on the door to be successful in the hospitality business. It takes constant attention to detail, starting with the amenities and extras that make your guests feel right at home.

That’s why S&D blends, roasts and packages a selection of premium coffees ideal for service throughout your facility, from the lobby to the restaurant as well as in the guest rooms. In addition to our coffee products, S&D offers an assortment of iced teas, hot teas and refreshing juices to support a complete beverage platform for your hotel, casino, lodge or convention space.

Office Coffee Services

Treat your employees right with a range of great-tasting beverages from S&D, including coffee, tea and hot cocoa. All of our products are packaged conveniently for the office environment with smaller case counts and individual servings. We’re also proud to offer several single-cup beverage options like pods. S&D offers our own single serve coffee products as well as all the popular K-Cup® products including coffee, tea, cocoa and cider.

Our beverage experts build a specific program just for you, including creating the right product mix, setting and maintaining par levels, and establishing delivery and equipment-cleaning schedules. Plus, office managers
can always count on S&D to manage everything in an efficient and timely manner.