Our Method

Choosing the foundation for S&D’s coffee starts with a visit to the source. Key members of the commodities team procure samples from growing regions around the world — and often travel to many coffee-growing communities. Finding just the right coffee is all about researching farms, talking to growers, touring mills and, of course, tasting and buying superior beans.

Once the coffee is in-house, our trained and certified cuppers taste samples side-by-side to identify defects and ensure that the coffee we ordered is the coffee we received.

Our advanced technology combined with our dedicated team of coffee roasters ensures the highest quality coffee from bean to cup. In the end, every delicious sip makes it worth the effort.

Coffee Procurement

At S&D, our delicious coffee is smart coffee, right from the start. We pour our nine decades of experience into every bag. Beginning with a conversation to determine each customer’s specific needs — then matching the perfect blend or developing a new one — the customer reaps the benefit of S&D’s 90 years in the coffee business. It’s all in how we select the beans, where they grow, and the care we apply to every batch of precision-roasted S&D coffee.

Coffee Blending & Roasting

Though S&D is the largest custom foodservice roaster and provides full-scale commercial roasting for many of the country’s leading brands, we have the ability to roast smaller batches to meet customer demand. Long runs or small, our roasters use computerized state-of-the-art technology to control roast levels from batch to batch and order to order.

From our established relationships with growers around the world to our innovative state-of-the-art computer-controlled roasting facility, we are experts in producing scalable quantities of quality coffee, from small batches to full-scale commercial runs, day after day.

Coffee Solutions

S&D is focused on developing and delivering innovative coffee solutions to help drive beverage platform profitability for our customers. We are proud members of the National Coffee Association (NCA), a partnership that reflects our ongoing commitment to the U.S. coffee business.

Fresh-brewed Coffee

Coffee is where S&D got its start. From whole bean to roast and ground, fractional packs to urn packs, we are experts at providing you coffee in the size and format to meet your operational needs. When it comes to variety of blends that are ready to sell, we can exceed your expectations with a catalog of coffees in a range of blends and price points.

Specialty Coffee


At S&D, we create our specialty coffee with the highest-quality green coffee beans, then roast them to release their greatest flavor potential.

The S&D Specialty Coffee Collection features three tiers: the Classic tier consists of our everyday blends; the Legendary tier houses regional blends with 51% of the blend coming from the named region; and finally the Epic tier offers truly premium coffees, including estate and single-origin blends.


Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you get the precise blend your customers will love every time, with consistency and quality you can count on. A portion of the sales from this collection supports the Raiz Sustainability Program.

Click here to learn more about specialty coffee.

Liquid Coffee Concentrate

High volume coffee needs meets fresh brewed coffee flavor notes and aroma!

S&D offers both a hot brewed process in addition to a cold brew process — either way, we provide the perfect solution when you need to serve high volumes of hot coffee quickly. While frozen coffee concentrates require time to thaw and are often bitter-tasting and aroma-less, S&D liquid coffee concentrate is shelf-stable and ready to go. The result is good coffee, in high volumes, when you need it.

Single Cup Coffee

Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee, freshly brewed, in the flavor you want, when and where you want it. Consumers’ desire for variety is the driving force behind the explosive growth of single cup coffee. That’s why S&D offers several single-cup options to help you balance your customers’ demands for freshness and variety with your desire for convenience and waste management.

With a complete product line of coffee, tea, cider and cocoa choices, our single serve cups are compatible with most single serve brewers. With a fully recyclable cup, S&D single serve coffees feature a fuller flavor, brewing more coffee in your cup. S&D also offers myChoice® Café Pods, as well as our Suite Systems® for the ultimate in-room coffee and tea experience.

Cold Brewed Coffee

We make it simple and cost-effective for you to serve coffeehouse-quality cold brewed coffee drinks as good as a barista could make.

Looking for a great way to capitalize on the cold brew craze? Consider our Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrates — the most effective method to achieve delicious, easy-to-build cold coffee beverages.

S&D is proud to use a cold brew process. We craft-brew our coffee to scale, eliminating limits on supply. Our specially formulated concentrates come with or without flavor and sweetener included, providing a perfectly balanced, versatile platform for your specific application.

At S&D, we make it simple and cost-effective for you to serve coffeehouse-quality cold coffee drinks as good as a barista could make.

The result is superior flavor, body and aroma in every cup — all from a shelf-stable concentrate that doesn’t require refrigeration before opening.

Our All-in-One® program provides S&D partners with everything it takes to ensure a successful cold brew offering, including shake-and-serve bottles, bottle racks and point-of-sale tools.

To learn more about S&D’s cold brew, click here.

Iced Blended Coffee Beverages

S&D has the perfect solution — allowing you to deliver authentic, premium beverages without a professional barista.

Today’s consumers are asking for iced blended coffee beverages more than ever. Even if you don’t have a barista on staff to help you meet this growing demand, S&D has the perfect solution — allowing you to deliver authentic, premium beverages without a professional barista.

Based on S&D’s shelf-stable All-in-One® Flavor Fusion system, our easy-to-build iced blended coffee beverages take less than a minute to prepare with just the touch of a button, making them convenient for kitchen staff and servers, and ideal for drive-through and high-traffic locations.

Allied Products

S&D is proud to offer a range of allied products that complement our coffees and teas, all held to the highest standard of quality.

Our additional product lines include:

Powdered Cappuccinos

Powdered Hot Chocolates

Hot Teas


Syrups & Toppers