Our Method

At S&D, we’ve grown because we’ve always responded to the needs of our customers with custom products and solutions. That’s why we’ve committed significant resources to develop and formulate custom coffee, tea, and botanical extracts for use as an ingredient in a consumer product or in a concentrate for use in innovative foodservice beverage applications.

Industry-Leading Experience

It’s one thing to create a custom blend to a customer’s exact specifications. It’s another thing entirely to control the process from start to finish. S&D’s integrated operation sets us apart from the competition — whether it’s sourcing from a specific region, blending to a certain flavor profile, extracting to certain brix or packaging in bottles or totes.

Our proven track record of customization and commercialization makes S&D a trusted partner in delivering extract solutions for an extensive lineup of exciting and creative products.

Superior Quality

This field-to-cup integration helps ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency, no matter the application.

Our quality process is designed to deliver optimal flavor and aroma to our customers. That’s why we use a cold brew extraction process to produce consistent, smooth, cold brewed liquid extracts for any flavor and aroma application. The cooler extraction temperatures help curb the undesirable astringent notes in coffee, tea or botanical beverages.

We create our natural extracts from the same source as the beans and tea leaves used in our wide variety of coffee and tea products. This field-to-cup integration helps ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency, no matter the application.

Extract & Ingredient Solutions

Innovative Products

From cold brew coffee and sparkling tea to sauces, baked goods and cocktails, S&D’s extracts are the perfect way to enhance your menu, drive customer traffic and grow profitably.


These extracts are available in a range of high-volume packaging options, from 17 oz. bottles to five-gallon pails to 275-gallon totes to suit your business model.



S&D offers a growing assortment of tea extracts and concentrates, as well as flavor blends that combine classic tastes with delicious accents of fruits and botanicals — focusing on specific characteristics like color, clarity and flavor to offer customers the highest reliability and consistency available.


When it comes to harnessing nature’s most sought-after flavors, S&D delivers with functional botanical extracts that are more balanced and less astringent.


No matter the finished product, S&D can create a custom formulation using our extracts as a building block.

With flavor bases and variegates for cocktails, ice cream, sauces, baked goods and more, kitchens and bars everywhere count on S&D’s flavor ingredients to make the perfect blend.