Tea- Our Method
At S&D, we work tirelessly to offer the best tea products, created from the best blends, which come from the best leaves. Our experts select quality teas and import directly from the source. WE THEN BLEND OUR TEAS TO CREATE THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF CLARITY, COLOR, FLAVOR AND AROMA.


Tea ProcurementSelecting and acquiring the finest teas is essential for providing the best quality teas for you and your customers. S&D inventories over 40 varietals of tea covering all of the major growing regions and providing unlimited sensory profiles.

Tours of our farms ensure compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) — allowing us to see for ourselves that fair wages, health and safety, and other important issues are being enforced for plantation workers. This is part of our corporate responsibility and we take it seriously.


Tea blending
Though selection and quality tea sources are vitally important, blending is the pivotal point in the process that maintains the consistency of our flavor profiles. Our blends are designed to enhance qualities in the components — in other words, capitalize on the strengths of each tea.

That’s why every individual tea variety is cupped four times. We cup an approval sample before the tea is even shipped to our facility. Once it arrives at our local warehouses, we cup a second sample. The third cupping happens when the tea makes its way to the manufacturing area, ensuring that the tea has stored well. Finally, the tea is cupped after blending to evaluate the final product.



Fresh brewed iced tea

As the largest foodservice iced tea supplier in the U.S., S&D is on the leading edge of delivering fresh brewed taste prepared from choice tea leaves. With the popularity of tea at an all-time high in the U.S. market, our team is hard at work applying our 60 years of tea experience — sourcing directly from farms and perfecting unique blends to create outstanding fresh brewed iced tea.

Since fresh brewed iced tea is one of the highest margin products you can offer, selling iced tea is a great way to increase your profits. We can help ensure quality and flavor with our patented square brew baskets and corresponding square tea bags. S&D has the technology and expertise to fill your customers’ glasses with refreshing tea that’s deliciously fresh brewed.


Liquid tea concentrate

When demand is unpredictable and inconsistent, serving fresh brewed iced tea may be impossible. Liquid tea concentrates deliver the simple preparation you need to serve customers on demand — providing the choice and quality they have come to expect from you. These concentrates offer convenience, cost savings and efficiency over traditional brewed tea.


Hot tea


S&D provides a variety of premium hot teas in a range of flavors to round out your menu of assortments and offering, and to give your customers maximum selection. Our hot tea offerings include traditional black and green tea favorites, flavored and herbal teas in open brew, filter pouch, and pyramid tea packaging.



Fresh brewed flavored tea
Our premium line of fresh brewed flavored iced teas are made with leaves from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, carefully blended to enhance your iced tea offerings while supporting ecological stewardship of producing countries.

Our Mangrove Bay® flavored line offers iced tea in a variety of flavors, in both open brewed and the convenience of filter pack brewing. All of our teas are made from a blend of choice tea leaves from select tea gardens. The flavored teas are accented with the essence of aromatic fruit flavors, sure to delight the most demanding connoisseur.

Other Products

S&D is proud to offer a range of allied products that complement our coffees and teas, all held to the highest standard of quality.