Enhancing Menu Innovation with Tea Extracts


An American drive-in fast-food restaurant chain with more than 3,500 locations across 45 states, is known for its extensive drink menu, including soft drinks, slushes and milkshakes.


From past business interactions, S&D had a relationship with the restaurant’s product development team and recognized that there may be opportunities for them to utilize S&D’s coffee and tea extracts. When the chain was looking to expand its tea-based beverage offerings, they requested tea extract samples from S&D to begin a trial process to create a tea version of its famous slushes.


After receiving multiple samples and providing input for modifications, the chain approved a black tea extract. From there, the chain conducted a 30-day shelf life study to meet their specifications, and S&D scheduled a production trial to support a market test. After these steps were completed, S&D began full production of the tea extract to meet the specified launch date.


The coordinated process — along with clear communication from the chain — led to the successful launch of a new tea slush as part of an iced tea-focused promotion.

This limited-time offer was a winner for the restaurant, hitting all of their sales projections. Furthermore, use of the S&D extract requires no additional equipment, making it a cost-effective way to expand the menu.
The success of this initial engagement has led to continued conversations around reintroducing the tea slush for another LTO and utilizing the tea extract in other products, such as a sparkling tea.

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