Our Method

Tea Procurement

Selecting and acquiring the finest teas is essential for providing the best quality teas for you and your customers. S&D inventories over 40 varietals of tea covering all of the major growing regions and providing unlimited sensory profiles. Every lot is scrutinized to ensure compliance with ISO: 9001-2008.

Tours of our farms ensure compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) — allowing us to see for ourselves that fair wages, health and safety, and other important issues are being enforced for plantation workers. This is part of our corporate responsibility and we take it seriously.

Tea Blending

Though selection and quality tea sources are vitally important, blending is the pivotal point in the process that maintains the consistency of our flavor profiles. Our blends are designed to enhance qualities in the components — in other words, capitalize on the strengths of each tea.

That’s why every individual tea variety is cupped four times. We cup an approval sample before the tea is even shipped to our facility. Once it arrives at our local warehouses, we cup a second sample. The third cupping happens when the tea makes its way to the manufacturing area, ensuring that the tea has stored well. And finally, the tea is cupped after blending to evaluate the final product.