Ron Hinson, President and CEO

A Word from Our President

Following the recent announcement that Westrock Coffee has entered into an agreement with our parent company, Cott, to purchase S&D Coffee & Tea®, I wanted to extend a personal message to all of you. I am very excited about this new direction for the business. Combining two significant coffee companies will open new opportunities and help us continue to provide you with the innovative products, quality and service you have come to expect. The two companies share many of the same values particularly around people and sustainability. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best next step to helping us achieve our vision of being the world’s leading beverage innovator and solution provider.

It was also announced I am taking on a different role in this new organization. While I will retain an active role as Chairman Emeritus, Scott Ford will take over as CEO once everything is finalized, which will take several weeks. Scott is an extremely successful business leader and is excited about S&D as an integral driver of growth within the new combined company. In the meantime, it remains, business as usual.

You can now see why I am excited about this direction. I can assure you S&D’s outlook remains secure and will continue to be a vital contributor to the local community and the broader coffee industry. Now our impact can be even bigger.

Ron Hinson

President and CEO
S&D Coffee & Tea

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